WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Chic hypocrisy

Chic hypocrisy. It's what comes to mind when I see "cool" youth bandying images of Che Guevara the Cuban revolutionary who chose violence over peace in freeing the masses. I suppose all revolutions and revolutionaries must employ violence---I mean, look at what's come of Flower Power, and we all know of what befell Robespierre---but the glaring irony about Ernesto Guevara, who came to be known as Che, is that he was already on the path to leading a life dedicated to helping those in need of help as a respected doctor.

bourgeoisie is to be just that: bourgeois. Hardly a thing that makes panties wet with admiration

Maybe that was the rub. The machismo in the Argentine was adventurous and hungered for revolution. He wanted fear, not respect. Power and fear. Che, like his famous surviving compatriot, no doubt read
The Prince. To be a member of respectable bourgeoisie is to be just that: bourgeois. Hardly a thing that makes panties wet with admiration. Rather than cure ills Che grew a beard, dressed in fatigues and learned his way around firearms---and promptly took to administering the ultimate cure-all to dissidents: Death. After all, when was the last time anyone heard a dead patient complain? (Lidsey Lohan's gruesome flop I Know Who Killed Me doesn't count.)

I do not pretend to be dovish or oppose saber-rattling but Che was as much a despot---and a better-looking one than Fidel Castro---than the martyr into which Fidel made him. If ever there was a case of
cura te ipsum, medicae, this was it.

Che was a self-righteous murderer who got struck down in his existential prime before having the chance to lead an authentic dictatorship of torture.

Undergrads and punks, alike, fail to see pass the rebellious posture and bibliophilia of the man. Yes, Che studied philosophy and medicine, spoke French, and smoked mary jane but so does Hannibal Lector. By that romantic rationale it makes more sense to tape up posters of Dr Jack Kevorkian. At least
he administered death to patients who asked for it. But the cool aspect, like drugs, blurs right and wrong---ever notice all hip, open-minded liberals despise absolutes?---thus affording someone like Che wall space amongst posters of Martin L King, Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Playboy pin-ups in dorm rooms all across the nation.

While waiting at the bus stop yesterday I noticed an absurd fashion statement (and, no, I was not in NYC). A teenage boy was sporting a T-shirt with mug shots of mad men of which included Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini, W., and a few other world leaders. The reverse of the shirt depicted images of their victims/dead enemies. Here's where it gets interesting: on his handwoven bag, the teenager had respectfully pinned a hand-beaded portrait of Che. Clearly, the point was that Che was unlike the tyrants on the front of the T-shirt. Not far from this 'hallowed' image was sewn on another patch. The picture? A marijuana leaf.

How chic.

Che has tons of cool cache to his legacy which explains his chic hypocrisy: Despite popular fantasy he
was a bad guy but, man, he liked poetry and, anyway, he looked cool. I suppose this is where Adolf Hitler and our Monkey and Chief got it wrong: neither is known to have appreciated poetry. Come to think of it, W. doesn't even have fashion sense either so...he's just bad inside and out.

Clinton wrong in attacking Wright

With the declaration of what she would do if Rev. Wright were here pastor, Mrs Clinton has conceded what was once thought unthinkable: the loss of the black vote.

South Carolina seems such a far off memory now.

Back then even amidst rising party and voter support for Mr Obama, the Clintons still harnessed loyal and heartfelt support from black elders, including black women who reasoned Mrs Clinton was not a flash in the pan. Well!

Appealing to those whites of leather necks and driving gloves alike, Mrs Clinton ventured to criticize a hallowed aspect of black culture, namely the preacher. Wrong move, bitch. That swipe works against one Louis Farrakhan because he's supposedly the dapper, politically incorrect boogieman---and unfazed by white America's discontent for him; but Rev Wright is not Mr Farrakhan and he is also not Muslim, a point of interest for some voters' prejudice.

Well, Mr Clinton still has love but it's a open secret his missus is riding on his coattails. Otherwise why else would she be such a hot contender? Is not like, as Mr Obama rightly highlighted, she was "secretary of the treasury" during the Clinton Administration. She was First Lady; and when has or why does that count for "experience"?
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