WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Organized religion is a business

Organized religion is a business like any other by which I mean it's aim is to make money to perpetuate itself. Some would even call it a scam for its oceanic clause: buy in now and receive riches beyond your imagination when you die. So it is a bit perplexing that homosexuals, characterized by their love beliefs in sodomy, instant gratification, casual hook-ups, cruising, want acceptance from churches; but, then, they so want to be accepted.

And acceptance is a-coming.

Days ago the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
voted overwhelmingly to permit openly homosexuals to serve as clergymen(and women). Not just members but actual pulpit leaders. Gone are the days where one reserved his same-sex urges in deference to his holy faith. The one caveat is this: said sodomites must be in "committed relationships." Presumably because committed relationship means love. Love. Oh if only the world would pipe down and heed the love calls of gays and hippies, it would be a much better, safer, happier place albeit full of head lice and drama queens. Either the 4.7million member business, uh, Protestant denomination doesn't realize many homosexual couples welcome threesomes or will find a way to justify this form of "committed relationship" along church doctrine.

At any rate, this new acceptance will, no doubt, entice open homosexuals back to the coffers, uh, congregation.
Gay-friendly means more green. Cha-ching! Let he,she, he-she, and butch dike who hath much disposable income giiiiiiiive to the Lawd!

Going back to Indiana

Since Michael Jackson's death his hometown, Gary, Indiana, has garnered more attention outside of the daily police blotter. There's always been stifled debate about turning the Jackson 5 home on 2300 Jackson Street into a proper tourist attraction but too, too many mice and no balls means the cat never gets her bell necklace.
More than anything else, local resentment of the family's fame and success killed the trip to the historical registry...and we all know Gary knows killing. Even the city's historical society skims over the Rock&Roll Hall of Famers.

But now da Mayor Pink Panther is all abluster about turning the Jackson house into a point of interest. Beating his cuff links to the punch, though, are two entrepreneurial women from Chicago experienced in guided tours who have started the "King of Pop Hometown Tour," a four-hour long bus tour from Chicago through Gary.

Hmmm, now why didn't someone from G.I.! or Lake County think of this...?

Ranters come alive on Buzz Yahoo!

The ranters who comment on Buzz Yahoo! are hilarious in a scary---yet, funny---way. Any article on the President whips them in a bullybully frenzy. I LOVE reading their paranoid, racist crap.
I love that my President is black!

even Felix the Cat is cracking up at this white noise!!

check buzz.yahoo.com for the latest hysteria

"Death to Obama" and militia nuts

As if President Obama, the first black president of the USA, doesn't have enough to worry about upon inheriting an economic recession, quagmire wars, and stuck-on-Bush ring-wing haters perpetuating division in the "United States of America," now the President---and the nation---has to register the scope of blatant hatred from some extremely vocal whites and Republicans.

Maybe these haters are not such a "minority." They certainly are not silent. But, more importantly, they certainly are not the majority! Birthers, Rush Limbaugh, militia enthusiasts which are cropping up in the country like illegal immigrants' extended family members, and bitter ass white citizens all hate our President.

They can't stand that Barack Hussein Obama is their president! In fact, they feel bold enough to protest with loaded guns and billboard death threats that actually declare "Death to Obama" (see above image).Whoa!

Anywho, that fool with the death threat sign has now been arrested by Secret Service and so
of course neo-conservatives, of all people, are shouting comparisons to KGB and Nazi Germany. Poor losers, petty minds, bitter hearts. My, my, my is this what they mean about the South rising again?

The infamous yawner gives sigh of relief

Clifton Wms, the Illinois man who was jailed for three weeks after the Court found him in contempt with a "loud noise" that's been arguably described as a yawn, was freed this morning by the same offended judge, Danny Rozak, who insisted Mr Wms was not imprisoned for yawning.

"I just first of all want to make it clear - you were never in custody for yawning - you never were. It was a sound...that was offensive to the court," explained Judge Rozak, who may have formally sold bridge insurance to New Yorkers.

At any rate, am sure Mr Wms was far from bored this time in court and probably gave a big sigh of relief...after holding his breath for three weeks. Hehehe.

Abuse of power at heart of Henry L Gates arrest

Radley Balko at Reason Magazine presents a wonderful, logical argument on the meat of the Henry Louis Gates, Jr arrest: abuse of power. The arresting officer went beyond his entrusted authority by arresting someone who questioned and offended him; arrests are for detainments of crime offenders not hurt feelings.

Read it here. Henry Louis Gates: "Teaching Moment"

From strange fruit to root water...?

From hanging 'em to "watering" the trees with 'em. Billy Holiday crooned about the strange fruit lynching produced and now American chauvinists---angry whites, birthers, right-wing 'soldiers' a la Wm Kostric---are reminding citizens of the need to, as Thom Jefferson phrased it, water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Hello! Damn, they don't make town hall meetings like they used to.

Welcome aboard mamasita!

Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice.
She was confirmed by the Senate, becoming the nation's first Hispanic judge. This Administration is just full of delicious firsts.

Hasta luego

American journalists freed from North Korea

News too good to have any muck on it! The journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, and their families are rejoicing; journalists and democracy lovers are thrilled; the White House and State Department and Americans have cause for celebration; and Bill Clinton has every reason to smile. He's still got it; and, more importantly, now we've got back the journalists.

Mayor Pink Panther ready to cash in on Jackson fame

After all of this time, the city of Gary and its Mayor Pink Panther are finally "seriously" talking about capitalizing on the historicity of The Jackson 5.

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