WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

"2012" (movie)

I went to see 2012---twice. Am geeked by the subject, the trailer and reviews are smashing, and like watching John Cusack movies. 

Nostradamus 2012The roller coaster of natural disasters had me on the edge of my seat, jumping at supercalafragalistic ex- and implosions and morbidly laughing at bodies meeting their demises. For example, early on there's an anxious elderly motorist who cautions her geriatric passenger, Hold on to those eggs dear, just before plowing head on into the road cum wall. Hope they used coupons.

I have to admit I totally did not catch the Biblical Ark reference after the first viewing, even though in the movie they call the gigantic, megaton nautical "countries" arks. Someone had to point it out to me. Hey, in my defence, qvandoqve bonvs dormitat homervs ("even Homer nods"). Anyway, God said it would be fire next time. So there.

In honour to the year 2012 I've respectfully added a mindful timer to the page. Bon voyage. 

Xmas actually means Christmas

For all the controversy Christians, who invariably show themselves to be a least informed demographic on most topics outside of faith, including Jesus Christ, "Xmas" actually does acknowledge Christ and, yes, means Christmas. The abbreviated form, and we're certainly not unaccustomed to abbreviations, dates back centuries when scholars and informed peoples, commonly read things in Latin or Greek. It has nothing to do with retailers.

In Greek the prophet was called Christos. Christos is spelled with the X (chi, pronounced like a hard k) + r (rho) and when these Greek symbols are paired  together the word appears as a modern-day P overlapped with an X 

We've since dropped the
rho letter in lieu of the more pronounced X but, in sum, Xmas is not a diss to Christianity or secularization of the holiday. Xmas is respectful and informed shorthand for Christmas. Tsk, tsk, tsk...leave it to the faithful flock to not know squat. 

How little I regard the war

In going through my archives I noticed there was only one entry on the war. Strange, I  thought, seeing as how the Obama Administration (not "we") is engaged in two wars just like his predecessor.

Not all of us have loved ones in the military
Two wars and, yet, I barely register them. I regard them so little that I can't care less about contributing commentary to the fold. So do these wars still matter...for anyone outside of the White House and soldiers' families? Not all of us have loved ones in the military (or private contracting businesses).

In the beginning I believed the Iraq War had merit. In the beginning I believed our forces had virtue and strategy and would win. In the beginning I believed the cause and effects of the fighting would benefit the American people and country, and, naturally, the world. In the beginning I was conscious of the war and the ticker-tape of casualties. Now; now, I'm not conscious of it. Now, the beginning seems so long ago.
Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.

A. Sachs

I removed the visitor counter

I removed the visitor counter from this page a couple of days back because its script was slowing down my computer and becoming too much of a headache. Will try to quickly add another counter. I liked seeing the different nationalities of visitors to my web blog.

Driving three sheets to the wind


I'd just finished writing about the drunk bitch on the train tracks and was happily on my way out to the beach when I noticed a VW beetle literally on the steps of a neighboring apt building. It looked like a Transformer was caught in the act of walking up the steps before hurriedly reverting to his automobile form. But the incident was zero science fiction and at least 180 proof drunk Mexican. He was unhurt (of course) but, man, if he wasn't three sheets to the wind, then he was five. 

There he swayed, blood-shot eyes and a mess, wondering aloud to the two traffic officials who showed up, Oye what's the big deal?  It looked unbelievable---too good a piece to pass up---so I went back inside, grabbed my netbook and, being the clever boy that I am, pretended to search for an Internet signal all the while snapping shots with its built-in camera of the one-car accident. I live three miles to the sky atop a steep hill and, from the looks of it, drunk Speedy Gonzalez backed out over the stairs. Damn those rear view mirrors and their misleading objects-may-appear-closer-than-they-actually-are warnings. Whoops, up and over goes the beetle!

if he wasn't three sheets to the wind, then he was five
The following was overheard (am not making this up): 
"I have to drive to work," explained the fool in his composed inebriated state.
"But, look," said the officials, pointing to the accident scene, "you can't drive." 

 what in thee #*@!?

 dude, what happened to your car?
trusty municipal 

behind me Speedy Gonzalez casually explains his driving skills

Drunkard falls before oncoming train

A (worthwhile?) life spared in the nick of time.... Get this bitch to AA post haste.

Vive, vida, life. I love mine!

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FINALLY! Kidnapped son reunited with US father


BREAKING NEWS: True to over-the-top Latino form, the Brazilian family delivered the boy to the American Consulate amid a raucous feeding frenzy of media and onlookers. A more dignified method was doable but, hey, where's the fun and drama in that, right?

Irregardless of the selfish, stressful, and needless ploy---cry for us Brazil! The evil American is taking...uh...his son---nine-year old Sean entered the consulate several minutes before the court deadline.

At long last he is now with his father and they are on a plane back to America.

How's that song go? Don't cry for meeee Braziiiil....

AP honors Serena Williams Female Athlete 2009

All right!! Serena is so deserving of the honor. She was, hands down, the only standout athlete in 2009 to say nothing of the sport of tennis, alone.

On marriage. More criticism (Mexico's sham play)


Mexico has legalized same-sex marriage. And?

My lack of faith in marriage hardly needs further encouragement but this "historical" sham by our Third World neighbor is further proof that marriage is whatever the hell you think constitutes it. As the legislature pats itself on the back for some supposed advancement in civil rights let's give a one-handed clap and ask, And?

Now that Juan and Jose can cement their love---where? in a Catholic church?---and sneer at America for being backwards what real progress has Mexico made on any real front? 

It is still common practice for prosecutors to punish rapists by obligating them to marry their victims. What a bright idea! Forget earning cents to the peso, women are downright simply second-class citizens; the reality is cruder for indigenous people---whom Mexicans slander as "Indians"---as a whole. Sexual harassment hasn't even reached the debate of being politically incorrect. Nearly all indoor jobs go to femenino applicants while masculino applicants with zero education work outdoor jobs. Jane clean, Tarzan swing. The largely unsolved 400+ female homicides since 1993 in Ciudad Juarez is still hopefully under investigation (click here).

this "historical" sham by our Third World neighbor is further proof that marriage is whatever the hell you think constitutes it

If the country has any child labor laws you certainly can't tell. For those children that aren't working, they are likely begging. Pity and charity are nurtured at the tit and from the cradle.

The education system, like the court system and driving regulations, is incomprehensible to a foreigner. I know citizens who have no education and the social graces to prove it, and then those who perpetually re-enroll in universidad armed with a vocabulary loyal to freshman year and, yet, there is not a chasm of difference betwixt their worldview or economic or social standings. They say school is mandatory but I see school-age children during all hours of the day, night and late night.  

Corruption goes hand in hand with promotion.
Drug cartels are fierce and ruthless and, chillingly, in some cases, celebrated and respected by the people as Robin Hoods. Mexico's witness protection program doesn't trouble itself with new identities and practically lists the addresses of participants. Coyotes, human traffickers, are actually looked upon as good, viable options as opposed to, say, education, discipline, honest living. Bribery, like racism, is rationalized.
Birth deformities and old people beg in the streets like displaced circus geeks

Guadalajara's professional soccer team Club Chivas, for one, bars non-Mexicans from joining its organization even if the athlete has dual citizenship. Only 100% Mexicans can play on their roster. People in Guadalajara think they're not racist---but they are. The government prohibits non "100%" Mexicans from running for many political offices irregardless if one is now third generation citizen. Apparently a chink shall never become a real beaner and don't you forget it, muchacho! In fact I've NEVER seen a Asian person working outside of an Asian store; never behind a bank teller's window, or in a Burger King, or a gas station or a Cineplex or a supermarket anywhere I have travelled in the country. Guatemalans are not welcomed.

There is no welfare system of which to speak. Birth deformities, accident survivors, and old people beg in the streets like displaced circus geeks, giving drunkards and lazy ass indigenous mothers competition. (Btw, don't give money to those little old poor women sitting on the sidewalk. It only encourages their dishonesty and lack of dignity. I know for a fact they wouldn't work if you offered them something to do. Fuck 'em.) 
A chink shall never become a real beaner and don't you forget it, muchacho!
Ecologically, recycling is still a fad. Automobile pollution is just another one of those things that can't be helped---like solving kidnappings or crime, in general. And, last among the least, the well memorized advisory: DON'T DRINK THE WATER.   

But, wow, now Juan and Carlos can giggle and introduce the other as his husband. Progress.

Kidnapped son to be returned to U.S. father...FOR REAL


 BREAKING NEWS: Brazil Supreme Court Chief Justice Gilmar Mendes has ordered the spiteful Brazilian family to (get real and) rightfully hand over the nine-year old child to his American father, ending what was expected to be another two months wait. Mr Goldman, the father, has waged this legal fight for five years and, so, is not taking anything for granted until he has his son in his arms back home in New Jersey.

The step-father, himself an attorney from a prominent lawyer family, and the lot just don't get it. The mother committed a serious breach of international agreement and, as far as I'm concerned, nothing short of a crime in transporting the child to a foreign land and cutting off access to his biological parent. The maternal grandmother penned a letter to President Lula de Silva in which she stressed:
Our moral foundation values the mother's role. In the absence of the mother, the raising should be done by the grandmother. That's how it's done in Brazil, from north to south, regardless of race, religion or social class. It's natural that foreigners, with a different foundation, would not understand these authentically Brazilian feelings.

Um, hello to Third World: that's sexist bullshit.
But, hey, you'll always have Carnaval!

On marriage. A brief criticism

Goes the old joke: Marriage is a sacred institution - (cheeky pause for effect) - And who wants to be in a institution, right? Hahaha, oh Burt you're a gas!If marriage was ever questioned before - and it has been -- then its meaning(?) in the present is even more questionable. Amid shamefully high divorce statistics - granted on shamelessly stupid bases like "irreconcilable differences" which, I thought, were already covered in the avowed for-better-or-worse part of the nuptials -- and irrational acquiescence to homosexual howling for, what, tolerance? acceptance? or, ironically, normalcy? the thing I grew up knowing as marriage is dissolving into a whatever.

Outside of title and/or financial assets I cannot comprehend why so many people are so damn eager to enter into a marriage
One part of me dislikes this. I disdain senseless upheavals of order and sensibilities along with false revolutions and their charlatans be they catchy slogans (Be all you can be...in the US Army) or misunderstood "hip" icons (Che Guevara) irregardless of my subscription to the societal norm or regime, whichever the case may be. Men have no business "marrying" - yes, I use quotation marks - other men (and, of course, the same applies to dykes).

Another part of me cares terribly little in as much I, personally, don't see marriage an attractive venture. Outside of gaining title and/or financial assets I cannot comprehend why so many people are so damn eager, homosexuals especially, to enter into a marriage. The stigma of "living in sin" or co-habitation is hardly existent, enough suckers have already bailed, id est divorced, to clue in would-be suckers to beware, monogamy, though dime-book romantic, is unappealing and contra Nature, a total societal construct if ever there was one; consequently, adultery is highly stigmatized and heavily punished by divorce courts, independence gives way to conformity in a way that leaves many people vexed and justifying their miserable existences to bands of others whom they are obligated to sustain (unless, that is, they esteem their existence via the unskilled act of reproducing), it is expensive financially and emotionally.

A life well lived beats a life long lived
 Studies indicate that married men, on average, live longer than bachelors but, then, isn't that really largely a question of companionship rather than legally binding marriage? I think a life well lived beats a life long lived. Besides, husbands uncommonly outlive their wives. Death for them, like P.O.W.'s, perhaps, may be a sensible and desirable get-out-of-jail-free card.

All this brings me to the latest affront on marriage: a
Japanese man has wed his computer. A young Japanese was so committed to his favorite video game that he - swear to God, am not making this up - that he "married" the virtual character before some forty well-wishers or as I regard them, other morons. They met on the video simulation game, Love Plus.

Admittedly, the video game character is controllable and does have big tits but she...is...a...virtual...character. Not real. More unreal than the biggest silicone titties or nip/tuck job known to Man. As far removed from reality as Neverland; Or
the thing I grew up knowing as marriage.
One of the major mistakes people make is that they think manners are only the expression of happy ideas. There's a whole range of behavior that can be expressed in a mannerly way. That's what civilization is all about---doing it in a mannerly and not an antagonistic way. One of the places we went wrong was the naturalistic Rousseauean movement of the Sixties in which people said, "Why can't you just say what's on your mind?" In civilization there have to be some restraints. If we followed every impulse, we'd be killing one another.

Judith Martin (Miss Manners)

Monica Lewinsky back in the news

Will this bitch just not go away? This woman should try to preserve some dignity, not that any self-respecting man whose mother or sisters are still breathing would marry her, so that some measure of compassion is felt upon reading her obituary.

A tell-all book, Miss Lewinsky? The former president is a Democratic powerhouse and global megastar for democracy and fundraising. His wife is Secretary of State. We have a black president. A country singer is rocking MTV. Much has changed in eleven years but not enough to forget your skanky accomplishments. Really, just...go...away.

Kidnapped son NOT returned to U.S. father

BREAKING NEWS: Brazil Supreme Court put the kabosh on American David Goldman reclaiming custody of his abducted son, Sean. Sean is nearly ten years old and has dual citizenship (USA and Brazil) and, according to the latest appeal, is old enough to exert the right to speak for himself in the courts. This means U.S. authorities cannot hand him over to his father today nor in time for Christmas; the earliest window for such a reunion will be in February when Justices return from holiday recess. Bummer.

Kidnapped son to be returned to U.S. father

-When a parent runs off with a child so the other parent cannot have access to the child that is what is universally known as kidnapping---even when the mother does it the act is still kidnapping.

The latest big incident to involve international courts is the saga between David Goldman of New Jersey and his former wife who is Brazilian. The bitch flew down with their son to her native country in 2004 on the pretext of a vacation, then she divorced Mr Goldman and has since refused to return or cooperate with the father in any manner. As a mother she feels entitled to essentially abduct the son because, as so many morons believe, fathers don't really have inherent bonds with their offspring and can't love them as a mother can.

After years of legal wrangling and senseless drama a Brazilian court has finally ruled in favor of Mr Goldman and ordered the boy be taken to the American Consulate by Friday, December 18th to be then returned to his father in America.

Fathers do have inherent rights and must press harder for them. Culturally we are hesitant to acknowledge that papa bears have hearts as well as wallets. We saw practically the same fall-out w
ith little Elian Gonzalez whose mother stole him away from their native Cuba to take advantage of America's Wet foot, dry foot policy, leaving Mr Gonzalez in the dark. Despite conservative media and John McCain's patriotic bullshit opposition Elian Gonzalez was rightly reunited with his father in Cuba; and it remained the right thing for the U.S. government to do in spite of Fidel Castro milking the spectacle for all it was worth.

Shop less, share more

There's a growing voice of Christianity making the rounds this season called the Advent Conspiracy, Christians who are, supposedly shockingly, discouraging consumerism. I fail to see what is in the least shocking or conspiratorial about this.

Shop less, share---give---more is ALWAYS what I've been reminded to do, being taught early on that Jesus is the reason for the season. (Rhyming makes learning easier.) Yes, we received presents---lots of them!---and toured mall displays, sometimes the Museum of Science & Industry's Trees Around the World exhibit, along with driving around neighborhoods shamelessly wishing aloud, "I wished our house looked like that" or "Whoa look at the lights on that tree!" So what.

Stop running yourselves in debt on the pretext of celebrating Christmas

Although we always got gifts it was always slightly doubtful that we would; there remained the threat of adhering strictly to a churchy Christmas: hymns, Christmas play, and rounds of dinner. Sanctified but square...like Catholics. In retrospect I realize our parents were bluffing (I think) but as a child the prospect appeared anything but. And there was, naturally, no way to argue against the holy spirit of the holidays. Unlike beastly children today we
knew it was incorrect to expect, as if our little asses were entitled, to receive more than a bag of fruit and nuts and socks or underwear. Swear to God.

Therefore, when I read in the Times article how the Advent Conspiracy founders, which, to be clear, have nothing to do with Seventh Day Adventists, resolved to embark on "a radical experiment" in which "they urged congregants to spend less on presents for friends and family, and to consider donating some of the money they saved as a result" I thought to myself, Radical? Huh? Radical is installing a menorah or goddamn Buddha piggy bank in a Christian house of worship, including those comically lame store-front churches. I don't shop from car trunks, visit alley way doctors or worship in what used to be porn cinemas or laundry mats. Tacky.

The Advent Conspiracy is launching the right message but there is nothing radical about it: Stop running yourselves in debt on the pretext of celebrating Christmas. Rather than fuss and bah-humbug the absences of "Merry Christmas" and Nativity displays be a stalwart follower or more altruistic human being and donate monies to charities and poor peoples. It would be a wiser and definitely more Christian use of one's pay checks than the greed, lust, envy vices perpetrated by retailers.

So if retailers report that consumerism was down this season, fine. What good is a Sony Playstation if the light bill ain't paid.
Most people if given less than half an opportunity will still gladly make fools of themselves. If within range of a camera they will proudly record it. Stupidity for posterity, I suppose.

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