WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

מזל טוב Alysa Stanton!!

Forget green. The world is going Lincoln all over.

World Number One golfer? Tiger Woods, black.
Number One entertainer in the world? Michael Jackson, black.
Leader of the Free World? Barack Obama, black.
Chairman of the Republican National Committee? Michael Steel, black.
Box-office golden boy? Will Smith, black.
Womens professional tennis? The Williams sisters, black...and bootylicious
Reigning style in music and street fashion? Hip-hop, black; and gangsta rap, Who-da-fuck-you- callin'-black-beeeeaaatch? black.
Number One daytime talk show? Oprah Winfrey, black
Can't-lose woman's attire? The little black dress, black.
Number One consumed beverages? Black coffee, black tea, and Coca-Cola, black. That's right.
Color of half the day? Night, black.
And now, the world has a black woman rabbi. Hello?

Alysa Stanton has been ordained (June 6. Mark your calendars) as (mainstream)Judaism's first black woman rabbi, having successfully completed rabbinical training at Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati. This coming Saturday, August first, she will hold the pulpit at Congregation Bayt Shalom in Greenville, N.C. So if your future travels take you to or through the great state of North Carolina and you happen to think you might perchance notice the place tipping...well...you might probably possibly be on to something.

מזל טוב Alysa Stanton! (that's Hebrew for "congratulations")

Lycurgus on modern America

One of the glaring handicaps with a Republic attests to the old adage of having too many cooks in the kitchen: the soup is spoiled. What starts out all right---proper ingredients, suitable cookery, eagerness to prepare a delicious dish---gets bogged down in minutiae and ego centrism and conflicting loyalties.

A great many folk like to (claim to)wonder what Jesus would do as if 1) they would adhere to what Jesus would do or 2) Jesus would know what to do. In reading some quotations attributed to Lycurgus, Spartan lawgiver, I was stunned by some things that struck close to home.

We proudly tout our democracy and American way of life as a model for the world. In several respects we're right. Many, many people validate this belief by their stalwart and never ceasing immigration and emigration to America. Who in the hell is beating down the door to get into Beirut or Baghdad or Guatemala; or, hell, Finland?? Lycurgus, however, was not sold on democracy nor what we know as capitalism, both of which are married to the American image and spirit.

To the laconic lawgiver, the best way for Spartans to thwart invasion of their homeland was "by remaining poor, and each man not desiring to possess more than his fellow." BLAM! POW! Take that consumerism!

And what about border control and this long ass fence to keep out desperate Mexicans ad hoc genus? What say you, Lycurgus, on homeland security? Well, Lycurgus, would say, "A city is well-fortified which has a wall of men instead of brick." OOOH SUCK ON THAT!

Too much of a good thing can even be a bad thing and the United States of America may learn, retrospectively, that even the melting pot can hold only so many elements before the soup is spoiled and distasteful.

Birthers is a dumb name for racists

This is some funny @#%!
Birthers, as they've taken to calling themselves, are racists pure and simple. They hate---hate---that Americans elected a black man, also known less complimentary-ly as a darky, spook, coon, nigger, to the highest office in the land over their old white man and his hapless female running-mate. How could this happen in my lifetime, they cry, in my great superpower country?! At any rate, birthers sounds like a name better suited for opponents of test tube babies. They should just go back to calling themselves Klu Klux Klan or, say, poor losers or, better still, undemocratic un-Americans.

Happy 50th Hawaii!!

This marks the 50th Anniversary of the fiftieth state in the Union.
Hawaii was the last territory to become part of America and is the birthplace of our President Obama. What, what, we haven't acquired new territory since the end of WWII??! Whoa, imperialism ain't what it used to be.
Oh well. Happy birthday!

Lucky to be Obama -15 (Hawaii)

The great state of Hawaii has once again acquiesced to Republican curiosity and hate-mongering rumors and confirmed, unequivocally, the legitimacy of President Obama's American birth. The 44th President of the United States was born in Hawaii in 1961. How sweet it is!

But reality doesn't comfort some GOP nutters. "They just keep asking over and over and over again," Hawaii Health Department spokeswoman Janice Okubo said. These are the same people, after all, who liked the 43d President and his documented incompetence.

For many, the reality of President Obama stings like a mother----! That puts a smile on my face. Here are just a few of the haters. Aloha haters:

Orly "Russian Birther" Taitz -&- Walter Bagdasarian

Rush "
I hope he fails" Limbaugh

Sarah "Clueless" Palin

Lou "???" Dobbs

Ann "Crazy Bitch"Coulter

Mrs Rothschild, aka stupid rich girl


FOX News

Alan "Blowhard" Keyes

Talented Tenth arrested. WWOD?

Of all the black men the pigs might've arrested they picked on THN of Harvard University. Henry Louis Gates---thee Henry Louis Gates---heavily decorated scholar, black history historian, influential intellectual, esteemed academician, Harvard professor in handcuffs after a white woman mistook him for breaking into his own house. Sound familiar? Technically, Mr Gates was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for angrily requesting the officer's name and badge number. Sound familiar?

If this rings foreign to you, then you might be that dumb white bitch who likes to call pigs on black people for made up crimes like, say, breaking into their own homes or walking in the neighborhood or entering a gas station in a group or looking ("stalking") or rape when it was consensual or fabricated rape when there was no contact or car-jacking and killing the babies that were in the back seat or carving words onto white bodies, et cetera.

What do you call a black man with a college degree or riches or successful profession?

Never mind the bogus charges were dropped within a week. One's mind arranges the mosh of things---black man, Harvard professor, arrest---into a sum and invariably thinks, muses, wonders, asks, WWOD (What will Obama do)?

In his identity quest, was the President never verified of his Negro status by a "random" police search? Not even in Chicago?! Hell, even Michael Jackson got the answer to his lyrical query. And I was just stopped and questioned by German politzei at the Berlin train station for absolutely no apparent reason. The officials were very pleasant and professional---the nicest I've ever met, really---but since they had no cause to stop me and since I committed no infraction their interruption of my day remains unfair and, evidently, racially motivated.

We can't give President Obama a pass on this one. As a candidate he was VERY vocal about the lack of federal response devoted to those abandoned to Hurricane Katrina. As the first black president of America he has got to put his foot down on things that matter to us here in America. Because, hey, if civilly dressed, un-thuggish, upstanding, law-abiding black gentleman like Mr Gates or Earl Graves, founder of Black Enterprise magazine, are subjected to racist---at best, moot---search and seizures, then, apparently, the only thing sheltering Mr Obama from bully pigs is the fact that he is the United States President. Note, I said apparently; quote the old riddle: What do you call a black man with a college degree or riches or successful profession?


Eff people who won't hire me

The following is an actual rant published care of Montreal's Rant line. Except for that last bit against capitalism, it's spot-on:

Fuck international tuition fees. Fuck managers who tell you continuously to call back. Fuck people who aren't hiring. Fuck people who won't hire me. Don't tell me to fill out a fucking form if you're not hiring. Don't continuously JERK people around and tell them to come back the next day when you're not even going to be there. And fuck managers who ask me if there's any days that I can't work and then ask me why and proceed to tell me that my reasons aren't valid. And FUCK CAPITALISM. Bye. [BLEEP!] [italics added]

Wrongfully jailed "father"

Did you hear the one about the man who was jailed for not paying child support for someone else's child? Right here in America. Read about it here.

Where's the Federal Reserve's audit?

That's the question---challenge---Ron Paul is advancing to his congressional colleagues and the American people: Audit the Fed!

"I'd like to know everything they're doing.," said the Texas congressman with libertarian views. "We have a right to know what they're doing. They can literally create trillions in guarantees and not report them to us."

Of all the organizations and businesses in the country the Federal Reserve, which is a private company and NOT, as many citizens believe, a government body, is the only outfit immune to an audit. How do they dispense with their money, from where do they get it, where are their accounting books...? We don't know. The U.S. govt does not know.

In forging transparency, the Obama Administration must take the bold move in requiring accountability and transparency from this money organization. These economic times demand it. But long before the U.S. economy made chumps and homeless out of many Americans---and people around the world---our American values of fairness and checks-and-balances required the Federal Reserve stand into the light like every other business.

Woman advised to combat lung illness with sex

An Austrailian woman who developed spores---fungi---growing in her lungs and sinus problems as a result of having worked in a nasty, damp basement was suggested by her employer to seek a bit of the old in-out, in-out to cure what ails her. A medical x-ray indeed shows mould effecting the woman's lungs. Well! Though the treatment isn't covered by any conventional medical plan who's to say some (deep)throat coat wouldn't help the woman?

Oh I'm a cheeky one.

Michael Jackson Memorial Service - July 7 2009

Jackson siblings & John Mayer

Young fans in Romania & a fan at L.A.'s Staple Center

Mickey Rooney & Usher

Because I want to support black business

Am not a big T-shirt guy and even less likely to sport torso bumper stickers---y'know those shirts with ironic or cheeky sayings like "Sexy Grandma" (when worn by some dork who mistakes his penis for an Xbox joystick), "Save Water.Drink Bieer," "Sex Expert. First Lesson FREE," "Bitch"---but I do want to buy a Michael Jackson print.

Problem is I couldn't find a black store owner around Downtown Toronto. The nearby custom T-shirt and skateboard shops, for whom its mainstay customers, disaffected skate punks and hipsters with arrested development, regard irony a RedBull spin-off, have a nice selection of MJ shirts but the staff are all monochromatic white. I don't think so.

This is one of those cases where my dollars will go to a black owned business or I'll just have to make do without a farewell shirt.

My new sexy black laptop

The one high-tech gadget I find it hard to do without is the Internet. Yeah, yeah, yeah, technically the computer is the gadget but you know what I mean. Cellular phones and the whole palm pilot craze do nothing for me but email is super important to me; and, of course, there are my web logs. I always choose youth hostels that offer free Internet (or free breakfast) otherwise it's off to the Internet cafes for me. Satis shilling out coin for that! I finally went out and bought a laptop the other day. Hello wi-fi.

After price-hunting up and down College Street (Toronto) I snapped up one of those new mini models on the market---brand new!! At $270 (+11.5% Canuck tax) I think I got it at a deal. Told myself, Don't spend more than three hundred dollars, and I pretty damn well hit the mark; and it's brand new!!

it's compact, cute and sexy black---just like me. But as an avid traveller I do loves to travel light!

Asus PC900HD. Am a fast typist so the small keyboard will take some getting used to but the small screen is pretty okay...plus it comes with a built-in webcam...ooh la la. Chi-ching. The real kicker for me, though, is its small size. Sure, it's compact, cute and sexy black---just like me---but as an avid traveller/backpacker I love the fact that the doggone thing is no larger or heavier than a philosophy book. I do loves to travel light!

Now I feel like a hip Japanese/Chinese/South Korean traveller. Hehehe

NY official is sick of MJ

This NY politician insists MJ was a "pervert, child molester...pedophile" and is sick of being dying to attend his memorial when they should be dying in Afghanistan like good little heroic sheep instead.

(sorry, subtitles unavailable)

Michael Jackson had civil rights...just like you

I was very impressed by Duane Booth's sobering article on the death of Michael Jackson. With a title like "A most important civil right died with Michael Jackson" it was hard not to look beyond the cover. Click on the excerpt below to read Mr Booth's entire article:

Among the tributes, accolades and genuine love shown for Jackson in memorium, there were choruses of people who absolutely refused to view him as anything but a monster or a freak show. It struck me as terribly sad that at one moment where we mark the start of a civil rights movement and in a year when another such movement marked its most crowning achievement with Barack Obama’s inauguration one of the most fundamental civil rights to which we are all entitled as citizens of democracies has all but vanished [italics added].

Any remaining threads of presumption of innocence died on June 25, 2009 at 2:25 p.m. [italics added]

Many people remarked about how it was inappropriate to mourn a man who “molested children” and destroyed the lives of so many young boys through his predatory ways. The trouble is, never once has it ever been proven that Jackson ever molested a child. Only two 13-year-old boys ever took Jackson to court - once in a civil trial in 1993 and once in a criminal trial a decade later. The civil trial was settled without any finding of wrongdoing and begged the question that if the case not about money, why would it not have been pursued criminally? Simple. Not enough evidence. You don’t have to prove guilt in a civil trial. The parents of the first child were well known to have financial troubles and there was mounting evidence that this lawsuit was nothing more than a way to tap a very naive man who clearly had difficulties functioning as an adult for large sums of money.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Visit the above link to learn how high-rise buildings come collasping down.
Hint: It was an inside job, you dope.
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