WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Brad Pitt wont marry woman until men can marry men

A while back when the whole of their affair came to light and they took to appearing in public together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie declared they would not marry until "everyone" who wanted to get married had the right to do so. By "everyone" Mr Pitt and Miss Jolie meant homosexuals. This euphemism became clearer with Mr Pitt's recent huge $100,000 donation towards the same-sex marriage cause.

This is a very glamorous way of avoiding tying the knot himself. What does it say of a man who vows never to wed his soulmate---not to mention, the mother of his children---unless and until every Tom, Dick, and Harry can legally marry Tom, Dick, and Harry? Where is Mr Pitt's indignation when polygamists are persecuted or when kissing cousins are prosecuted against for violating man's incest laws? These people also swear by love.

Somehow, though, liberals and gay activists, only merit the love argument when it champions homosexual causes. Mr Pitt hasn't made an honest woman of Miss Jolie but he invests $100,000 towards someone elses matrimony....

Introducing the CHRONOPHAGE

This easily ranks as the coolest clock on the planet earth. Unveiled earlier today at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, the Chronophage ("time eater" because the grasshopper "eats" every lasping minute) was built by inventor John Taylor who, at 70, hopes to remind us that time is ever fleeting---and to refashion clocks from being boring objectss.

USA: United States Animal Farm

Homeland Security doesn't just take it's name from the Nazi regime but also implements the same Big Brother abuses to civil liberties and privacy. Travelling is more invasive than before...if you're an American citizen, that is.

According to a Washington Post article by Ellen Nakashima, citizens crossing the U.S. border by land will have their information reviewed and archived for fifteen years...just to be safe. While truckloads of illegals enter our country and, then, multiply and remain the Bush Administration along with powerful politicians like Senator McCain and NYC Mayor Bloomberg insist nothing can be done about it. In fact, these men---these rich, white men---argue the American economy depends on illegal and foreign labor. Meanwhile honest, legitimate American citizens are subject to terrorist scanning and privacy invasion.

With the Monkey in the White House why should we be surprised the nation has transformed into the United States of Animal Farm?

CNN: Weather and propaganda

Now that Hurricane Ike has passed through Texas, CNN can report on other world news...like the aftermath of Ike. And Sarah Palin. CNN plays its viewers like fools. It's not "breaking news" if you report the same thing as you did in the last breaking news bit two minutes previous.

I don't like Wolf Blitzer. He looks like a corporate Santa's little helper. His introductions and questions essentially amount to fuzzy sentence run-ons. And what exactly is his post anyway: commentator, reporter, journalist, questionman?? Whatever it is it sure is a cushy one. Wonder whose leg he humped to get it.

Anderson Cooper is slightly better in that he kept attention on the devastation of Hurricane Katrina when all the other mainstream newsmen closed the book once the former FEMA director, Michael Brown, resigned. But even the suspiciously queer Mr Cooper keeps covering naturally occurring extreme weather with attention that hints of pornography or propaganda.

Ike was no surprise. The power of hurricanes and tornadoes is no surprise. The natural cons against living in coastal regions are not surprising. Hurricanes cause great damage to mortals and our mere mortal structures like automobiles, houses, bridges, airplanes, churches; they always have and they always will. So why did CNN proudly transform into a 24hr "Hurricane Headquarters" when the hurricane only passed through one or two states? Maybe because a "breaking news hurricane watch" is more fear and paranoia inducing than, say, Mrs Palin's lipstick...but not as much as, say, our unprotected borders and ports, uninsured Americans, or a deceptive White House.

With scores of illegal immigrants crossing the borders every month would it not be more sensible to report on "Homeland Security" round the clock? Ike blew through and left but millions of illegal immigrants are still here with more sneaking in every day.

Stupid rich girl


Mrs Rothschild has bitterly withdrawn her fundraising might from the failed Clinton campaign (and a Democratic win in the general election) and transferred it to McCain's candidacy.

Mirabile dictu. The Rothschilds have long favored and funded war mongers, anyway.

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