WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

So...the First Lady don't got back?

I missed this news item (I don't have television in Athens) about a GOP somebody sneering about the First Lady's ample posterior...which, apparently, is not so ample after all...?
This rebuff comes courtesy of a website devoted to publishing photographs of Michelle Obama. 

So...Michelle don't got back? They say the proof is in the picture (or was that pudding?)

I don't argue with Scientology. I ignore it.

Scientology is so full of...itself. It wants to be academic (reachable) and inclusive while, at the same time, above it all (supernatural). And Scientologists are sure they can help me because they and their spaceship and yachts and compounds are the answer to the world's problems.

Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be start his own religion. -L. Ron Hubbard, science fiction author who later started the Church of Scientology (1911-1986)

I used to not have any qualms about this group - and I still love Tom Cruise movies - but Scientology's smug self-importance has rubbed thin. When "fishing" they strive for debates -- albeit with a smile. I don't stop in the streets and argue with Catholics or Jehovah's Witnesses over their doctrines and I don't intend to do so with friendly Scientologists. Scientology's crusade against pharmaceuticals' over medication for Man's ills is all very real and good but L. Ron Hubbard, the man, was a big, fat phony.  

Son of a field negro

Seen on a man's T-shirt in Paris last month:
Son of a Field Negro
... the struggle continues
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