WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Skimpy reports of Malcolm Shabazz's murder

I was in Mexico when young Malcolm Shabazz was killed. However, I just now heard about it -- three weeks later. This is unbelievable. I flew into Mexico City on May 4th (and then traveled to the west coast) and Shabazz was beaten to death, presumably by extortionist waiters, on the night of May 9th. And this news I only happened to learn via The Christian Science Monitor article about last night's mass kidnappings in Mexico City. Unbelievable! 

Yesterday I read about the (white)Arizona mother jailed in Mexico because of marijuana found under her bus seat (yesterday I travelled through Mexico on the bus!) and, before that, the sensational torture and gang-rape of Spanish tourists in Acapulco plus other similar crimes to other similarly pale skinned peoples...but nothing - nothing - about Shabazz. This could be me. Or someone who looks like me. Why does this not surprise me? I'm shocked as all hell but I'm not surprised. As I write, "Mexico kidnapping" is 'trending' on Yahoo.
Why? Because it does not concern black people.
At the risk of sounding selfish, maybe even racist, Ain't this a bitch! 
This could be me. Or someone who looks like me
It is very easy for white people to caution, Don't play the race card; Like rich people extolling the virtues of humility and having-not to poor people. The news of Malcolm X's grandson's killing should have blazed across headlines, if only for that weekend. But not a peep did I hear and I'm here in the country, itself. Didn't come across a remark by President Obama in the Associated Press - but I'm convinced he's a lanky phony, anyway - didn't come across a 'trending' ticker-tape, didn't come across a social network meme, and I certainly didn't hear it mentioned by anyone in passing. This could be me. Or someone who looks like me. If I disappoint white friends or fans or casual readers over this, then simply go your way. And don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

Methinks I've had my fill of this country. Pity. I so enjoy Puerto Vallarta. The living is easy, the weather is wonderful and I have several friends here. I have connections here. There's even a burgeoning theatre group I was looking forward to working with next season. But hang it. If Mexico is a corrupt country, then that means it is filled with corrupt peoples who, by no coincidence, guide their actions by corrupt thinking. And as a man habitually thinks, so he behaves. 
sitting ducks in a sea of amnesiac eye-witnesses
A nation populated by cowards who only know fear and might means we're all sitting ducks in a sea of amnesiac eye-witnesses. There is absolutely nothing to stop what happens in Mexico City or Sonora or Sinaloa or Oaxaca or Acapulco or Queretero from happening in Vallarta. Nothing. Bet your bottom dollar that when it counts, cowards, those erstwhile smiling neighbors and friends, will see nothing, hear nothing, and sure as hell, will say nothing.

Somebody who looks like me mightn't make the news. But that doesn't save the misfortune from befalling someone who looks like YOU. 

It is easy to sit up and take notice. What is difficult is getting up and taking action.
-- Honore de Balzac

I oppose same-sex marriage

If same-sex marriage is marriage equality,

then a paved road is a solid river 

Stop and smell the roses

Here's what my work desk looks like. My writing space is full of peace and grace. Good lighting, comfortable seating and elbow room, and quiet are the principals that thwart distractions for me. Right now I have a good space: a vase of fresh flowers, indispensable laptop and my trusty journal. I've kept journals and diaries for years. It's a good habit to have. So is stopping to "smell the roses". Every now and again I buy flowers for absolutely no other reason than they are nice. And enjoying nice things makes one's day or outlook that much nicer. As the sales pitch goes, "Say it with flowers!" 

The fragrance of white lilies certainly pleases me...and makes writer's block so much more bearable! In Mexico the florists call them Casa Blanca (White House). I suppose the 1600 Pennsylvania residence is adorned with them? Well the flowers  are white and strong...so maybe that explains it too.
Now look closely at the vase. It's a re-usable plastic invention in the shape of a decorative flower holder. It's basically just a plastic bag. So often I had to pass on buying flowers because, as a traveller, I had nothing in which to put them -- until now.  So cool. And what's as nice as fresh flowers? Fresh fruit. 
Life is to be enjoyed. I looove my life.

fresh flowers..fresh mangoes..and a vase made to-go

Financial myths debunked

Craving to buy instead of renting? Or think that 401(k) is the golden nugget in your benefits package? Think again, jack! Check out these "financial expert" myths debunked.

all that glitters ain't gold

The Great White Hope...is black!

White sports fans are never short on the lookout for the reverse token player that will 'tilt' the sports (or genre e.g., Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark and Emminem) away from the cool, dominating black player and back to them. In athletic parlance it is known as the Great White Hope. And they have found it -- in Jason Collins.

They thought they had a handle on Cassius Clay (who had the audacity to convert to the Nation of Islam and fail the military draft physical) and Arthur Ashe (the little uppity wimp) and O.J. Simpson (but he sorely 'let them down') and Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods (oh they're still pissed at him). Funny how they never coddled the Williams sisters. Oh well. Now, ladies and gentlemen, as thee gay pro athlete Jason Collins couldn't be any less threatening if he were Steve Nash. Yes, there is that queer Puerto Rican boxer but, well, he just ain't black enough to be considered a "historic homosexual". Hooray-hoorah their progressive poster boy has arrived!
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