WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Australian Open Champion - Serena Wiliams !!

She's done it again----and this time set a historical milestone. Serena Williams won the 2010 Australian Open championships (just like she did last year), making it five Australian Open titles and tying Billie Jean King with a sum of twelve Grand Slam singles championship to her name.

Congratulations Miss Williams!

Obama v. Alito (lost decorum)


From a shouted "You lie!" last year to a mouthed equivalent this year, by a Supreme Court Justice, no less, President Obama is left with little delusions about thriving bipartisanship. At this rate, next year they'll probably quietly file out or just sit and listen to their ipods. Odd how the Chamber was stoic during the Monkey's disastrous, biased and lying eight years.

Kotecki was so craaaeeezy!

A very belated farewell to James Kotecki's video 'blog:

click Kotecki below to view his other included clips

Paranoia causes security scare

In the latest reported airplane scare a young Orthodox Jew's religious equipment sent off suspicion and concern. The boxes he was strapping to himself (phylacteries) appeared to one passenger akin to explosive devices and this alarmed passenger alerted the plane staff who, in turn, alerted the pilot and the plane was promptly diverted to Philadelphia.

Turns out the phylacteries were as innocuous, if not a tad ridiculous, as a birthday party clown. But, hey, who knows in this day-and-age, right? After all, if fingernail clippers, water bottles and pen knives can torpedo a plane out of the sky, why shouldn't undue suspicion be aroused by dynamite looking objects?
This latest scare isn't any less preposterous or more offensive just because the suspect was a Jew.
Mike Krumboltz suggests this episode "clearly highlights the need for more cultural understanding." Really? Sounds to me like Mr Krumboltz is giving this incident an unwarranted anti-Semitic claim. In fact, the entire piece reads tolerantly of this airplane scare. I doubt the same measure of tolerance or "cultural understanding" would be shown were the individual Arab looking or dark skinned. Were Mr Krumboltz to express two cents on the reversed scenario I think it unlikely the man would forgive it as cultural misunderstanding; rather the sentiment would ring along the lines of better-safe-than-sorry. This latest scare isn't any less preposterous or more offensive just because the suspect was a Jew.

If anything the security scare was a result of our heightened climate. Paranoia transforms goblins and threats out of everyone else's appearances and behaviours. The "see something, say something" public announcements are a benign way of encouraging civilian spies (and counterproductive in big cities like NYC or LA where freaks and strange, often mentally sick, behaviour is de rigeur) as if folks wouldn't otherwise report possible danger. 
Paranoia transforms goblins and threats out of everyone else's appearances and behaviours.
Mass paranoia lives by 'better-safe-than-sorry' and 'you-never-know' which, taken for a life creed, amounts to cowardice and moral impotence. A nail file presents no danger to a commercial plane anymore than baby formula but governments and the security industry would have you misthinking differently because, well, hey, you never know.

And you never will know once you stop thinking and abandon common sense

Generally speaking, in any sustainable relationship, people will treat you the way you let them.

Rush Limbaugh proves again he's a moron


Rush Limbaugh never tires of proving why he is a moron---a hateful, bigoted, beedy brained, fat, reactionary, Obama-hating, asshole moron; because a swell of other smaller and poorer hateful, bigoted, beedy brained, Obama-hating, asshole morons tune into his daily demagoguery thus encouraging this angry windbag.

If his harsh words concerning the disaster in Haiti stung, then so be it. Protested the pig man, “If I said it, I meant to say it, and I do believe that everything is political to this president.”

Evil abounds according to the incomprehensible balance of universal Order and, definitely, the history of Man. The only evil more boundless than racism is stupidity or willful ignorance.

Drug cartels have opened killing season

I return to Mexico so often because I like the easy living and weather and language, but its charming primitiveness is fast on its way to returning to barbarism. Already a Third World country known for its poverty, cheap labor, drugs and soccer, Mexico's traditions are itching to re-light a powder keg that will have blood running in the streets and heads poached on sticks...or used by twisted beaners as soccer balls. 
Two weeks into 2010 and drug cartels have made their evil intent clear: We crazy sonsofbitches are here to kill all who interfere. Kill or be killed

No drug trafficking mayhem is evident here in beautiful, touristy, homophilic Puerto Vallarta; but I probably wont be returning next year.

Two weeks into 2010 and drug cartels have made their evil intent clear: We crazy sonsofbitches are here to kill all who interfere. Kill or be killed. Law of the Jungle has no place in any civilized country or society.

Today, sixty-nine---sixty-nine!---murders blotted pig scanners. Sixty-nine murders in one day. Lest you mistake them for simple gun slinging desperados the henchmen are fond of torture and chopping up bodies and discarding the remains in public as gruesome calling cards. Destruction is not removed from creativity. One victim, a word to be applied loosely as nearly all the unfortunates tend to have some connection to the cartels, was a former pig whose face was removed and stitched on to a soccer ball. They do love soccer! 

With "happiness" like this who needs madness?
Poverty is NOT at the root of this diabolical terror. Nor is illiteracy. Loads of places have poor and stupid and unhappy people but they don't reek havoc and terrorism on the country because they're, what?, without. Mexicans like to brag about being, among other things, the happiest people in the world. Some rag like Reader's Digest, which a few years back also purported NYC was the most hospitable American city, gave them such an advancement and they cling to it. With "happiness" like this who needs anger or madness?

Certainly not tourists.

Mexico anticipates revolution...AGAIN

As Mexico moves into the new year so, too, does its traditions and one particularly eerie tradition has it that it's time for revolution, baby.

In 1999 we were anxious to party like Prince told us to. But in Mexico they have anxieties to coup like it's 1910...or 1810; either one would fulfill their superstitions. A decade's long overthrow ensued two centuries ago and it was followed by another decade's long regime tussle exactly one century later. Both were ruthless and bloody. President Calderon vows the curse has had its day. However, with drug war violence running at an all time high and inbred superstition running higher still, it is comprehensible why the actualization of this self-fulfilled prophecy has the natives restless. For years I've heard 2010 spoken of glowingly. As if it represented the Second Coming of Christ. Hang the public denials: This.is.wanted. In Mexico it ain't worthwhile change unless it is loud, senseless, and bloody.

Viva revolucion, cabron!

Criminal tracked down by virtual habits

Get a load of this hick loser. Alfred Hightower flees an arrest warrant in Indiana three years ago but the Hoosier pigs track him down in Ottawa, Ontario---due to his online gaming habit! If only the drug peddler had a life instead of living via 
World of Warcraft he might still be on the lam in Canuckistan yet to be apprehended via, hopefully, more masculine means than playing a "witches and warlock" Internet game.

Read about it in The Kokomo Perspective

Famed Mississippi judge falls hard

Judge Bobby DeLaughter will become federal inmate #12930042 within one hour; if not, it will either be because he's a suicide or a fugitive. What a way to commence the new year!

His successful law career and distinguished rise to the bench are earmarked by the long overdue murder conviction of Byron de la Beckwith, the smug racist sonofabitch, who murdered NAACP leader Medgar Evers in the '60s. 

Greed brought down Mr DeLaughter. For all of his scholarship and prestige, he got greedy (bribery), lied about it to the FBI---never lie to them; even if you blow up a whole town or just shoplift a pen you can probably beat the wrap BUT you can't whittle out of being untruthful to the FBI; go to federal prison for selling secrets to Iran or trying to rape the President or yelling, Fire!, in a public place, not for lying to agents---and they nailed his ass.

Finally it's 2010!!
And 2009 was a wonderful year to me.
Thank ya Jesus

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