WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Chris Dickerson - Bodybuilding Hall of Fame Induction 2014

Here's amateur footage of legendary bodybuilder Chris Dickerson being inducted to the Hall of Fame earlier this month at the annual Independence Day Mr & Ms Muscle Beach. I specifically entered this year because of it and felt privileged to have met the man. Click here to read about how I fared in my first Venice Beach show (link opens in a new window).


Are there black people in Argentina?

Josephine Baker wondered so and got this fabulous reply: You and I

At least somebody is protecting their border

According to the Examiner report below, the presidents of Mexico and Guatemala (beautiful countries, by the way, I've been to them both) recently confirmed a pact on July 7th to, essentially, aid further illegal immigration to the United States of America. Say whuh?!
(Examiner article)
When the natives vowed to take back their lands who would've thought it would come via a "humanitarian crisis"? 


We are what we repeatedly do. 
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

-- Aristotle

Damn they GOT his bald head ass

Ray Nagin, Former New Orleans Mayor, Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison.

sooo...how ya like them apples?

The superiority of God's chosen people

To those "chosen few" who believe their shit smell like filtered water I say, as I've said to the following woman:

@DellaReeKennedy Correction: there is such a thing as Israeli illegal acts -- a whole laundry list of them, in fact.


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