WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Carnal LA boycotts Saudi in Beverly Hills

The Sultan of Brunei announced the coming implementation of Sharia Law in his land against the decadent influence of "globalization". As America and Europe like policing the world, both are none too cool about this.

Meanwhile in Beverly Hills, long known for its inclusivity and diversity, the famed Beverly Hills Hotel, owned by - ta-daa - Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, is being protested by the homophilic Motion Pictures Television Fund, Feminist Majority, and outright pinko group LA Gay & Lesbian Center to, get this, "convey our deep concern about laws in Brunei that call for violent punishment...against those engaging in same-sex activity and extramarital sexual relations, and those committing adultery."

In other words, their stock and trade.

According to an anonymous source in The New York Times it is hoped and expected the Sultan's insult to Western mores will pressure A-listers and other fancy people to boycott the fancy hotel. You couldn't make this %@$# up!

Interesting note: Brunei has not performed a single execution since 1957! United States of America, on the other hand, kills black men left and right.
(Hotel Brunei: Hollywood morality consumes self)

Snowden considers sweet home USA(?)

Apparently Edward Snowden is mulling a return to American soil -- under certain conditions, of course. It's diplomatic of him to say this; but it would be damn foolish if he were to follow through on it. My advice: Learn Russian - or whatever - and make the most of the new life beyond America's grasp!

(RT article: Snowden 'considers' return to US

As the twig bends...

I wrote about this months ago. Oh well. Guess if it's not published by TMZ or Washington Post or Fox News, it doesn't matter....

Deleuze & Guattari

Simulation does not replace reality...rather it appropriates reality. It expresses the appropriation and production of the real by a quasi-cause.
-- Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Anti-Oedipus (1977) 

Big Brother landlord

Some landlords have Gov't complexes when it comes to renting their spaces: they want to know everything about you and be all up in your business. Or you can think of it as playing Mother; with their house rules regarding what the renter can and can not do under "their roof."

While apt-hunting in Baja California I came across just such a post on Craigslist. The building is listed in Playas de Tijuana - supposedly the nicer area of town seeing as how it is near the beach (playas is Spanish for beach), populated with English-speaking foreigners and, subsequently, charges higher rents - and advertised as U.S. STANDARDS. But, according to the long-winded ad, renters can't have company over -- unless they fork over an additional $60USD per night. Wtf?! The sonofabitch is charging $400/month for a supposedly private apartment and has the gall to dictate how one socializes?

Or you can think of it as playing Mother
A check of the personal contact reveals a United Kingdom email address. The U.K. is one of the countries with the most prevalent surveillance. It was also, you might recall, the inspiration for George Orwell's 1984. It sounds like this British expat should carry his pink hide back across the Pond and live under Big Brother since he approves of it so much. I wasn't stupid enough to answer this ad - apart from a geriatric who in the hell would? - but I did email the owner about his hubris. This is how he replied (notice the funny characters alongside the iPhone. Suddenly the greediness all makes sense):   

FUCK OFF YOU BLOODY BASTARD! If I don't like u r not obligated to stay with us. We charge extra to prevent tenants from bringing the entire family as many of u tried to do it in the several occasions. Do u get it stupid!

iPhone Россия/אןלימןר גיירמן 

Who better to lead police brutality taskforce than a hotheaded pig?

In response to the RT report To fight police brutality, Albuquerque police promote cop who burned off man's ear "Daniel Jones" commented: 

That country [USA] has become a joke - well,I must say it is expected of a country that had to fight a civil war because it wanted to preserve slavery.


Ann Coulter...is lonely

This is a dumb bitch

This is a really bitter and lonely dumb bitch


From whence comes faggot

A wordsmith, I love all things that have to do with words - pronunciation, syllables, various correct spellings (e.g., tire/tyre), homonyms (e.g., liar/lyre), rhyme, the harmony of a coherent paragraph, the temper of a moving speech - especially etymology (not to be confused with entomology). 

Today's 'word of the day' is not the typical unusual specimen that only gets the rare breath of light in something like The New Yorker, at gatherings of effete academics or when someone thumbs through the Oxford English Dictionary in search of the definition of that arcane word needlessly employed by the effete academic in his article to The New Yorker. No, the mot du jour is one with which we're all quite familiar and, thanks to progressivism - and ABC network - are near daily encountering new famous, living exemplars: faggot. The following explanation comes courtesy of anonymous online commenter fingKweersBePerverts  (he sounds like a 'colorful' character. Consider yourself warned) to "Pedophile teacher abused dozens as clues missed" .   

A little history on the word fa660t.

Don't you find it peculair that the word fa660t could have two vastly different meanings...
fa660t - a bundle of sticks
fa660t - a male homosexual

As usuall[sic], with the meaning of words, there is an association.
Years ago, during a more righteous and moral time, fa660try was potentially punishable by death. This was commonly done by burning at the stake.
A homosexual would be apprehended, typically due to the trail of sexually abused teen aged boys in his village or surronding villages.
The homosexual would then be tried and brought to justice.
Once convicted, the homosexual would be sentenced to be burned at the stake. They would take the homosexual and bind him to a sturdy post and then scatter a "fa660t" of wood at his feet.
The victim, or more commonly victims, the teen aged boys who were sexually molested would then be offered the opportuny[sic] to light the fire.
It became common for numerous boys to be fighting screaming "i wanna light the fa660t", no, "i wanna light the fa660t". hence the association between the male homosexual and the term fa660t!!!

And there you have it! Gives a whole new perspective to the Burning Man, don't it?

There's no pleasing (gay)porn "fans"

Found the following online comment in rebuttal to commenters bitching about the performer's hair color, pubic hairs and, among other things, authentic gayness (painting is by RL Nielsen):

how do you ppl jack off to porn when you’re so busy wringing your hands over what you see on the screen? LOL

# = pound sign

The Internet has generated, from the start, its own speech for communicating on it. Through the popularity of social media the vocabulary has grown organically, exponentially  and, as far as the result encroaches on regular "offline" communique, ridiculously. 
no reason using the computer means you have to sound retarded
I accepted the e- prefix because it designates a thing as being one and not the other; it is value based (stands for something: electronic) and logical. Electronic- or, for short, email, etrade, ebookecommerce. (By now the hyphen is superfluous.) Then came along abbreviations or phonetics of commonplace phrases. By the way (btw), for your information (fyi), estimated time of arrival (eta), see you (cu), because (bc), your/you're (ur), what the fuck?! (wtf).
won't even let the Britishy hashtag cross my lips. For the record, it's a pound sign
But when it comes to the ridiculous I draw the line. I see no reason why using the computer means you have to sound retarded. Imagine a mentally retarded person and a normally or moderately intelligent person saying the following, and tell me which one sounds befitting coming out of which mouth:

  • LOL
  • selfie
  • rolf (as in guffawing)
  • hashtag
  • normie (because writing ie is easier than al?)
When I need to express laughter in print I use haha or sometimes simply ha!; I still 'take pictures'; and I won't even let the Britishy hashtag cross my lips. For the record, it's a pound sign. 

I'm sure there are more but I try my best to avoid the desperate slang. I can't help it. 
I like to read - and write! - books.

Cinco de Mayo? Who cares!

I'm in Mexico and I can tell you: Cinco de Mayo means shit. 

The importance of the holiday ranks right up there with the Easter Bunny. It's cutesy and a good time for family/communal gatherings without the drama of hatchets in shallow graves. To help grasp a hold of the holiday just look at who celebrates it. Here's a hint: it is a North American country but it ain't Mexico and it ain't Canada. 

Fact is, Cinco de Mayo does not even garner a bat of the eye in Mexico! The first of the month is Mexico's Labor Day (Dia de Trabajadores "Workers' Day") and you best believe the citizens observed that holiday...producing, in effect, a five-day weekend. Hard working, my ass.

President Obama took the moment to advance his immigration reform. The Speechmaker should divert those smoke-and-mirror stunts towards something viable and concrete like the ridiculously stressful San Ysidro port of entry. Only in America is another country's Independence Day seriously observed. Silly gringos....

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