WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Don't mean a thing if it ain't curing

This month New Jersey abolished the death penalty. The move was met with international applause, including mine own. It is not hard for me to condemn a heinous criminal to death but the System gets it wrong too many times, damaging the lives of many innocents living on death row and irrevocably damaged the lives of those who didn't survive it.

Corruption and laziness and meanness on the parts of policemen, lawyers, and judges have killed men. And these black hearts sleep well enough at night wrapped in the duvets of Justice and Trust---and, in some instances, public hopelessness---that they are above pettiness and servants to Law and order. If only it were so.

Unfortunately corrupt pigs, spiteful judges, shoddy public defenders exist. What's worse, they are oftentimes untouchable---and smug about it. For this reason, the death penalty is flawed. Death to the evil doer is right but death to the man innocent of the charges pressed against him is not. Examples of the latter are not hard to come by. For this reason, the death penalty is flawed.
Any flaw in the death penalty is one flaw too many.

To be sure, the abolishment of capital punishment is a gust of relief from all those sweating on death row but what becomes of them now? Sure, they won't die
directly at the hands of the State but the fears and malice of prison life remain; and losing the 'freedom' to go shopping or having a beer is the least of inmates' concerns. Recall the school bully or chronic liar. Now picture a gang of bullies or military recruiters. Now multiply the sum of these cock suckers by a thousand and you begin to grasp a glimpse of our overcrowded jails.

Prisons are overcrowded madhouses with cages. The signs out front may read Correctional Facility but that's just political correctness bull. No correction of the criminal mind, of the criminal behaviour is occurring. Men oftentimes come out worse than what they went in because they've been institutionalized. Cages tend to have that effect.
N.J. has abandoned capital punishment but it has not abandoned the cages.
So what has society gained? The absence of the death penalty means criminals won't be killed at the expense of taxpayers but the absence of correction means a criminal will likely strike again. Thus, while the criminal lives to awake to uncounted days and may even be taken out of the institution the institution is not taken out of him.

Until prisons become correctional facilities and Correctional Facilities facilitate correction---and, no, prayer groups don't count!---it don't mean a thing if it ain't curing.

So what has society gained?


It's okay not to be gay

It's okay not to be gay.
Not that one mightn't know that living in or travelling through or passing by New York City (or most big cities or cable television). So ubiquitous is the homosexual campaign of being here-and-queer that it can be argued the ulterior message is: Since you are here, you might as well be queer. Like a chaperon reprimanding students to dance.

The word campaign is not flippantly used. A one-sided race appears to be mounting the aggressive we-are-among-you campaign or, more to the point it seems, YOU-are-among-US. Not since the coming of John Galt has there been such a PR blitz to provoke the minds of readers. My mind has been provoked and, so, I wonder: If goings-on behind closed doors are a private matter, then why are they being championed to be public? If sexuality doesn't matter, then why is it being made to matter? If this is an innocuous reminder of "natural" human behaviour, then why bother? Passing gas, jay-walking, cursing out or ignoring others are just a sampling of natural New Yorker behaviours daily displayed yet we see no advertisements encouraging the actions.

I wonder what warped effect this impresses on young minds? (www.truthatschool.org/news.htm) But ultimately I wonder whether it is still okay not to be gay?

The signs are literally everywhere with messages such as "Gay. Are you?" and "We are among you". The paid-for-be-gay agenda covers several fronts with scant opposition: Bicurious/closeted men (Gay.com), diseased (showing smiling, robust HIV+ gay mountain climbers), racial (Campaign for Black Gay Men's Lives), parental (The Ali Forney Center), athletic (Gay Games), ethnic (with multilingual ads), and cheeky ads featuring two grooms or two brides.

Now if a family center produced a poster starring a beaming housewife, why, the liberal factions would cry foul! (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=58034)

Meanwhile the signs for homosexuality are physically everywhere---in the subways, on the sides of buses, train stops, billboards---and some are nearly four stories high. If that is not elevating pro-homosexual "private matters", then what is it doing? Covering up a gigantic hole in the wall?

So for those staying in the City or elsewhere in the world let me be the first, if not the only, soul to affirm, yes, it is still okay not to be gay.


No freegan way, man!

Eco me this, eco me that, Freegans are as effed up as a wombat.

In case you haven't the word, the Freegan group (www.Freegan.info) consists of tony cheapskates and overly anti-consumerists who dig through dumpsters for food. No, freegan is not a politically correct neologism or euphemism for vagabond. A freegan is well educated and as well off as the next chap whose earnings fall between Mayor Bloomberg's and those boys who peddle candy bars on NYC subways to dissuade themselves "from selling drugs" (as if that were the natural alternative).

I would never have imagined civilized peoples rummaging through garbage in a non-Apocalyptic setting just to placate consumption of resources. Absurd. With barely two hundred dollars to my name and the worry of how to cover next month's rent I shall be damned if I take to eating from the garbage because it's cheaper. No freegan way, man! Hell, five-finger-discounts can't be beat either but, unfortunately, they are also wrong.
Yes, Americans, like many other peoples, are a lot of undisciplined shoppers and wasteful consumers, but there is a more sensible way of cutting out the pork than snorting through rubbish: live simpler lives---for yourself. Something tells me the for-yourself-part is more difficult for most people than the living-simply-part. But it can be done. It is done. Mind you, it ain't big city chic or---gasp!---trendy. Living simply is due in large part to a disinterest in indulging the inclination or vanity to buy more. Living simply is also attainable when one is not enslaved by disposable income.

To look to a healthier extreme than dumpster diving we have only to recall the Amish people (or Quaker or Mennonites, for that matter). Looking every bit two centuries ago Amish families remain disconnected from reckless consumerism by buying less and producing more. Production. They make the lot of their clothes, produce their own foods, build their own homes which are largely furnished with furniture made of their own labor and skill, and walk, bike, or drive carriages.

Crafting one's own furniture or daily wardrobe might be too daunting a step to initiate but we can each advance one step closer towards buying less through resourcefulness and thrift. For instances, brewing one's own cup of tea, eating in (a.k.a. cooking) and using leftovers, swapping books or using the public library, choosing smaller portions over larger ones (12 oz can versus 20 oz bottle), tipping wisely.
Really, a $3 tip for a $5 soup is frivolous---and stupid.
Freegan way is extreme and hellaridiculous. Don't be so cheap that you live off of other's "perfectly good" rubbish.
Hopefully this is one trend that heads to the dumps---and stays there.


Monkeys and madmen make bad leaders

When a man
a business corporation or an entire society is approaching bankruptcy, there are two courses that those involved can follow: they can evade the reality of their situation and act on a frantic, blind, rage-of-the-moment expediency---not daring to look ahead, wishing no one would name the truth, yet desperately hoping that something will save them somehow---or they can identify the situation, check their premises, discover their hidden assets and start rebuilding.
America, at present, is following the first course. The grayness, the stale cynicism, the noncommittal cautiousness, the guilty evasiveness of our public voices suggest the attitude of the courtiers in the story The Emperor's New Clothes...Let me be the child in the story and declare that the Emperor is naked---or that America is culturally bankrupt.

Believe it or not the above is not recent commentary. Call it prophetic or acute clear-eyedness but this cultural forecast was announced over forty years ago by Ayn Rand in The New Intellectual.

"America at present" is America at present. Scary, isn't it?

Societal mores are vacuous, fleeting, star struck, short sighted, profit-minded. When 9/11 struck, our leaders did not wait long in urging us to, not simplify hurried lifestyles, seek spiritual counseling, re-evaluate one's resources but, rather, to spend more on material goods. The possible bankruptcy of the economy was---is---more prescient than the inevitable moral hemorrhaging---hopelessness, desperation, revived xenophobia, racism, paranoia, distrust in government and neighbors. In no uncertain terms we were encouraged to compensate our fears and pain with shopping.
Then-NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani was most vocal in telling people to crank up the consumerism; shop downtown, keep buying, keep buying as usual, he urged New Yorkers and tourists. In effect citizens were told they and their problems were less pressing than the System's which is dependent on them.

John Q. Public is still convinced of this.

The Bush Administration sees the approaching bankruptcy and, as if on cue in a demolition movie, passionately evades reality through concocted truths and blind, headstrong missteps into one costly or stupid or embarrassing mission after another "hoping that something will save them somehow" while the rest of you cozy deeper into debt in trying to buy happiness and a pre-September eleventh reality, when in reality we were more blind then than we are today.

Before, we were content with noncommittal principles and reserving judgment because, hey, everyone else drooled over the primate's Prada man purse but now---uncovered domestic spying, prison torture scandals, governmental leaks, lies against Iraq and Iran, lies for Saudi Arabia and China; soaring gas prices, soaring soldier casualties, dwindling $USD, dwindling global respect, dwindling domestic confidence, a losing war strategy; no WMDs, no capture of Bin Laden, no peace talks in sight, no end to President Bush's incompetence and deceit---now that we see the primate is not only not sporting Prada but is not wearing anything at all we stutter and shuffle.

We are seeing the primate naked and for what he represents: spoiled arrogance, foolishness, destruction, deceit; and we are discontent with Reality---because we are fearful. And we should be.

I Went To the Consulate for Help and All I got was this #@%! Letter

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