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netSpend is a bogus, sneaky business


I went out and bought a netSpend debit card from a typical check cashing store in order to book a room at a nearby hotel whose policy it is to not sell to non-plastic customers. (Has this credit crisis taught Americans nothing?) It takes only 4.95 to get the card going and I started it with ten dollars. Afterwards I promptly called the company's activation number, entered a PIN and had the card activated. Was able to book the room online (but I still paid for the room in cash, thus not using any of the ten dollar balance)!

When I went back to the check cashing store to add money to the card I was told the card was blocked. When I called the company the rep explained my account/profile was insufficient unless I sent verification of address plus my SSN card. What?! Apparently my identity doesn't match up with my identity although he was "prevented" from detailing exactly what information was askew in the name of "privacy." Right...so how exactly can I remedy the confusion if I don't know where the confusion starts?
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At any rate if this so-called financial institution  can't research and validate one's SSN and gov't approved identification (I used my passport), then how much better can it do with a copy of my SSN card - which is NEVER accepted as proof of person - and L.A. address?? Barring these documents I "do not qualify"...for a disposable debit card. Right....

Then he goes on to try to confuse me with credit versus debit versus gift certificate; and depending on how I used it I could purchase items via credit or debit. I wasn't buying it.
a debit card is a debit card, not a credit card!
  • For one, netSpend is not a credit card. Therefore I shouldn't have to "qualify" for credit. 
  • Secondly, debit means I am spending my own money; what I use is from what I put in -- and there is no qualification to spend one's money. 
  • Thirdly, netSpend just as quickly takes money for everything: 50cents to check your balance offline; $1 to $2 for shopping with it; and another monthly fee to maintain it. 
These netSpend cards are only sold at currency exchanges where the vast demographic of customers are poor, uneducated, often times stupid, and possess no traditional bank accounts, home property, or even a personal computer; they use money orders instead of checks and likely receive some gov't dole. netSpend is another gimmick to play on their ignorance.

I told the netSpend rep he was full of shit and so was netSpend's sneaky policy, and that I would not be faxing over any further documents.    

I had to contact them regarding this "blocked" business. A real bank notifies its customers when something is not quite right but netSpend told me it doesn't contact customers for, again, "protection of privacy". Bull! I'm filing a consumer complaint and one with the BBB.

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