WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Society's treatment of children

I saw the following on the frontice of a school in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood:

Open letter to Rentboy.com


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Dear Rentboy:
The latest newsletter features some celebration of Bel Ami studios. This makes about as much sense as showcasing support for the voters of California who democratically elected to define marriage as between a man and woman; it was the liberal agenda, not the American people, which ignored citizens and passed laws permitting the mockeries known as "marriage-equality". Rentboy.com hailed that verdict.
It is also worth noting that Bel Ami is celebrating their longevity in the porn business with the "biggest bareback orgy" ever. How easy it is to do things when you're white and pretty! Let's see what stand you, duck lips Michael Lucas or fatty Chi Chi have to say about the "health issue".

Rentboy.com, you are a damn sell-out.

Your thoughts?

Mandatory condoms in California porn


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AIDS Health Foundation (AHF) has won a tremendous victory over the porn industry in California. Today Judge Mary Droyovage (say, are all court judges female??) put the smackdown on the Industry's claim of freedom of expression and intrusive gov't by mandating porn productions equip their employees with prophylactics. This went from being an L.A. County specific law to - ta-daa! - a decision that effects the entire state of California.   

Unbelievably, porn studios quibbled over the performers being defined as employees. They still vehemently argue the sex machines are "independent contractors" and, therefore, not covered by the workplace safety laws concerning exposure to blood. 

I wrote about this legislation/debate almost a year ago to the date
As to the Industry's pathetic argument that "consumers don't want to see condom porn" I ask, What consumers? Most of the bastards refuse to even pay for it, gleefully opting  instead to steal via filesharing. "Why," I've often heard the cynics sneer, "should I pay to see people having sex? It's not like they're working." Well! With an ungrateful market like this who needs detractors?! Rest assured, consumers of porn will keep on watching porn, period. It's simple: a pervert has to get his rocks off somehow and, Lord knows, with the permanency of the Internet and social media he hasn't the necessary social skills to actually meet and hook-up with real live human beings in the flesh

Besides the concerted efforts of such groups as AHF, OSHA et al. for mandatory condom use today's landmark verdict was lubricated by the surprising legal move of San Francisco porn studio Treasure Island Media who, rather than flagrantly flaunt the law and pay the hefty fine like other studios, chose to pursue the big bad heroic route by appealing. They lost.

(Read the LA Weekly article here)

What's your thoughts on condoms in porn (or, hell, porn in general)?

McCarthyism of today

Political correctness is the McCarthyism of today.

- overheard from an angry homosexual in San Francisco
 (check out my book American Affair with Openness)

Highjacking MLK legacy


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Blacks are everybody's scapegoat. When any organized group, no matter how disparate, start kicking up sand and demanding better treatment said group always aligns themselves with us black people. Because as black people we are expected to know the depths of pain, sorrow, degradation and, further, to unquestionably sign on to everyone's cause du jour. Only, as black people, we are not expected to know the heights of corporate success, equity, upward mobility -- outside of entertainment.

Homosexuals have been whining for quite some time about their parity with the black race and now that chutzpah has shown even in their association with the AIDS disease. (If it isn't a race thing, then why not saddle up to the exclusive Chinese/Korean/Malaysian/Indian communities; or the unavoidably large illegal Latino population?) 
I took snapshots of these actual billboards towering throughout Hollywood in time for the national holiday in his honor. The organization behind this propaganda is the otherwise commendable AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). For the record, AIDS is not a civil rights issue and associating Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr with it is a goddamn crying shame.
AIDS and MLK go together like obesity and Abraham LincolnThe AHF missed the mark with this campaign.
Dr King was a Christian minister and I have rarely met homosexuals or those on the party circuit who embrace/reflect/strive towards Christian living. Instead, such people categorize themselves as "spiritual" and articulate disdain for organized religion. Their's is a doctrine that encourages hedonism or doing-whatever-makes-you-feel-good. That ain't Christianity. Christian doctrine has principles not least of which is a restraint of our very human carnal urges and desires, stretching from love-making to hatred. Dr King was liberal in as much as he challenged the white establishment in the 1960s for equality but he would not condone the abject vulgarity and looseness of today's America with its abandonment of family values, rejection of Christian teachings, the retardation of black dignity and the misappropriation of the Black Civil Rights Movement by the homosexual agenda. He was not the opportunist that so many of our religious leaders are today. And, yes, he was a religious man. 
AIDS is not a civil rights issue
Being "born this way" holds no truck. We all fall short of the glory of God but only the lost and wicked take it as a license to maintain a distance from His glory, wallowing in their un-holy shortcomings as a rat in sewage. And the media which say it is okay to live like this are spewing propaganda at odds with Dr King's messages. AIDS is a very real and very important problem which the world must confront creatively, fervently, and compassionately but hijacking our icons is not the way to win over people. AIDS and MLK go together like MLK and amputees, or obesity and Abraham Lincoln. Bad education is no different than an unjust law: they both influence/effect people's lives detrimentally. The AHF missed the mark with this campaign. You don't raise people up by desecrating their hero's legacies. 

this is not education but misappropriation

Crips or Bloods (LOS ANGELES)


I like wearing bandanas. They're practical, easy to carry and accessorize. And they look cool. But when I saw the above on display in a Van Nuys Dollar Tree store I paused and thought to myself: Seriously in L.A.?! Will this sunny cesspool never learn?

For those unfamiliar with Los Angeles gang history, the Bloods (red) and Crips (blue) are two of the largest and most deadly organized street gangs. One needn't be from California or in law enforcement to have heard of them. Like Hell's Angels, their reputations precede them. They are bad ass black criminal sonsofbitches who do battle over territory they don't - and never will - own. They've shed rivers of blood and wasted youth on a Shakespearean level. The gang violence of Los Angeles is the backdrop of a  Hollywood movie directed by Dennis Hopper and starring Robert Duvall and Sean Penn called Colors (1988). 

On the one hand, no, there is nothing inherently bad - or suggestive - about a red bandana or a blue bandana or a green bandana any more than there is in  wearing a hoodie or high heels. But if you're a diabetic counseling center it probably wouldn't be the smartest move to open up shop next to a pastry chef. And the fact that the L.A. store only had bandanas in those two colors really is a head-scratcher that makes me question management.

Police are pigs and pigs are dirty

Yesterday's acquittal of the pigs who killed defenseless Kelly Thomas reinforces for us Americans, again, the Draconian truism: Anything, including wrongs, done in the name of law and order is justifiable. Even if you're just a wannabe cop neighborhood watchman.   

Jerk shot for using cell phone in cinema

An American man was shot and killed yesterday after he refused to stop texting in the movie theatre. Can you honestly say you've never thought about it before yourself?

Yeah, it was senseless but rudeness is the first step towards violence. He should have died for something greater than being a jerk. And, guess what, he was shot to death by an old retired pig. Justified!

Why Liberals never impose their values on others

Don't impose your values on others, goes the conventional wisdom of broad minded peoples. It's quickly followed by the rhetorical, Who are we? What makes us think we're any 'better'? by which they wiggle the index and middle fingers of both hands to emphasize quotation marks. 

Did you ever notice this tolerance Molotov is only ever lopped at God-fearing Christians and conservatives...and rarely, if ever, at something that's acutely at home on the Liberal agenda? That's because Liberals don't champion agendas. They are for "human rights," not agendas. Another explanation owes to this simple fact: suicide by Molotov cocktail has yet to catch on -- with anyone. 
No, Liberals don't see the missionary work they do as imposing their values on others (these are values everyone should embrace); as being resistant to other's ways and customs (tradition is another word for oppression); and Liberals most certainly can't fathom how their ardent beliefs can possibly be construed as insensitive. But when the West goes traipsing its wanton, amoral celebrities throughout the world with its messages of Equality, Tolerance, Democracy one must step back and try to imagine how this appears to the persons receiving the charity. I'm reminded of the fixed parental warnings: DON'T GET IN THE CAR WITH STRANGERS and DON'T ACCEPT CANDY FROM STRANGERS and LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE YOU CROSS THE STREET.

So because "we" have working mothers and child daycare, "they" would do well to have it too; "we" celebrate same-sex unions/adoptions/lifestyles therefore so should "they"; "we" accept religion as another style of philosophy - and convenient vehicle for social goings-on like funerals or marriages - but "they" tend to take it too seriously; "we" freely enjoy depictions of sex and violence in entertainment and the sky hasn't fallen so, c'mon, what gives? Get with it.

I wonder if "we" are any better for having gotten with it.    

Hey, liberal reader, why is that?? 
(Btw, you can also comment if you are conservative!)   

Indian diplomat showed the door

Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, who was arrested a month ago in Manhattan for visa fraud (and mistreating her foreign maid), was released on bail and "asked" by the State Dept to leave the United States. So often is it the case that employers from the East use their servants as, essentially, slave labor. They don't pay the poor girls, verbally and emotionally (and sometimes physically) abuse them and, like Khobragade, dangle the threat of deportation.

This time, the high-and-mighty bitch got her comeuppance. Go home slave driver!

Satan stands for...happiness?

Jesus? Ha! That long haired loser...

According to Satanic Temple's website
Satan stands as the ultimate icon for the selfless revolt against tyranny, free and rational inquiry, and the responsible pursuit of happiness.
Above is the actual rendering of the statue proposed for Oklahoma state Capitol. I kid you not. Now if Satan's disciples can just get today's vulgar pop divas (Katy Perry, Lady Gayga, Rihanna, and the ever so desperate Miley Cyrus) to complement network television's handiwork by mixing a tune to it, then youth (aka future voters) will more readily bop and thump to the beat of "tolerance" and numb indifference. In no time we'll have satanic flags enjoying same popularity as the rainbow flags. Hooray-hoorah! Slow and steady underfoot....

United States of America is surely going to the hell hounds

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