WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Should gov't ban race or sex discrimation? (VIDEO)

Yaron Brooks gives a cogent and rational explanation for Gov't's role in handling discrimation in the land. I do not side 100% with the cornerstone of his argument because the rationalization is overly  optimistic and overly theoretical. But, however, the premise that people should be rational and principled enough to reject dispassionate and barbaric attitudes/conduct (non-sporting) without depending reflexively on gov't to sort out it is strong.  
Unfortunately human behaviour is weak and collective.

Stop-and-Frisk violated rights. Bloomberg unhappy

NYC was called to task for its unconstitutional Stop-and-Frisk protocol. It is unconstitutional because the practice directly went against the  individual's freedom from unreasonable and unwarranted searches and seizures (that's spelled out in the Fourth Amendment, by the way).

Here is a New York Times article reporting the judge's reasoning -- and the mayor's and police commissioner's 'disappointment':

Decapitated copperhead attacks -- itself! (VIDEO)

Here is as telling an example as ever there was on the true nature of a venomous snake. Enjoy (and heed the lesson!):

OR maybe - maybe - this was its way of releasing itself from the pain...ending its own misery? 

We know human beings commit suicide (and seek 'assisted suicide') and we know of the, yet inexplicable, leap of lemmings as well as male organisms in the insect world which literally die to copulate; so, in that vein, perhaps in this video we have documented evidence of another species conscious of affecting its individual demise.

Man, woman and woman,man; or Russia's anti-gay laws


This week Yelena Isinbayava, Russian world champion-,  gold medalist-, and world record holding pole vaulter, "offended" Western sensibilities by speaking in support of Russia's anti-gay laws which, the world media immediately translated as her being a bigot against homosexuality.

The proud heterosexual, who is taking time off from competition in order to have a child, said in poor English, "we just live boys with women, girls with boys...it comes from the history." Indeed. Without the sexual unions of men and women there would be no history. Because there would be no people! We'd all be dead and never born.
man is meant for woman and woman, for man is only controversial for a mixed-up peoples
When the FACTS of evolutionary science are dismissed in lieu of popular culture, then that throbbing you feel behind your eye-balls is blood rushing to your head -- from being upside down for too long. Maybe the world looks better upside down but if you stay that way, you will die. The great scientist Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species - and most familiar tenet "survival of the fittest" - was an affront to paramount religious ignorance at the time (and still bothers modern day Creationists). Progressives championed Darwinism and science as a light bearer to mankind. Reason acknowledges the merit of his ground-breaking investigation and the bravery it took to publish and defend it. Now, our progressives of the day balk at and whine and threaten boycotts against anything which does not endorse or dares to judge cavalier popular culture -- including science. Oh how times have changed. 

Declaring that man is meant for woman and woman, for man is only radical or controversial for a mixed-up peoples; for a narcissistic, coddled, short-sighted peoples weaned on disposable instant gratification and the virtues of glamour, indiscretion, globalization. To the latter: If we believe and accept this over here, then y'all over there must believe it, too.

One people, one mind. DANGEROUS. 
 Anticreation equals death
The human species cannot procreate itself - again: pro-create - via man & man or lesbianism no matter how much love is involved or how good-looking they are; by its very nature homosexuality is the very essence of anticreation. Anticreation equals death. I do not speak about the appeal, pleasure, coolness du jour of homosexuality - nor the naturalness of the act - but what can be less normal? Making love to a brick, perhaps?  

Hey buddy can you spare a...hundred dollars worth of quarters?

Over a span of eight years, Buffalo, NY, meter mechanic James Bagarozzo spent half of his work days breaking machines in order to fix his income...oh and have extra gambling money. When the authorities finally caught his clever ass they found more than $40,000 stashed throughout his house, some of it still in rolled coins. In all, the mechanic ripped off the city to the tune of $200,000+!

Some good came of it though. Mr Bagarozzo was able to send both daughters off to college AND pay off the mortgage. Let's hope they're not majoring in accounting. Hello!

Read the news article here to learn how much time porky's got to pay for his crime.

What would Mubarak do?

 How's that 'change' working out for ya? 
Speak up. I can't hear you....
Wake me when this bullshit is over. 
And don't forget my jell-o!

Here's a Reuter's article of the more than 100 protesters who were killed by Egypt Security Forces today.
Damn that's a lot of people who didn't go to work. Seriously, how do men in Arab societies have soooo much idle time? Does Allah need to be prayed to that often?!

Forbe's Publisher of the Year = E. L. James (VIDEO)

Why? Because sister woman banked $95 million between June '12-June'13 for her Shades of Grey trilogy. Good Lawd! that's a lot of money...for relaying kinky S&M bondage and humiliation.

Ooooh makes my big toe curl!

Danger in [Social Media] clubs

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The following comes verbatim from Bob Mizer's AMG Physique Pictorial (vol.10 #2, p.21) which sports a photo of John Tristram posing poolside. Note how generalizable Mizer's 1960s 'public announcement' is to our present age of dominant social media and how...far(?) common-sense has come in forty odd years. Highlights added by author:

Many of our readers have pleaded with us to provide a name-exchange service for the enthusiasts of physical culture who may be lonely and eager to share their enthusiasm with others, seek work-out partners, etc. We wish this were possible because under proper conditions such new associations could greatly enrich the lives of both. However, past experience has proven to us that the dangers and misfortunes which come out of correspondence clubs often for exceed the pleasure they may give. Essentially, the pen pal is a stranger, and any wise person will be cautious with strangers.

Among the correspondents may be "con-artists" who can cleverly work their way into your life, rob from you, or defraud you. You might, as have some, find on meeting your "letter-buddy" that he is a dangerous psychopath. (One man we knew met his death indirectly through just such an association.) Some zealous police provacateurs have gotten into such correspondence groups and then after inducing their innocent correspondent to break a morals law, have arrested him.

John Tristram 1935-1985
Being lonely is a sad thing, but not the most terrible thing in the world, (being dead or in jail would be much worse, don't you agree?) It is natural to want to meet new people who share our interests, but this must always be done with extreme caution. Make yourself a pleasant, helpful person who can be part of a well established group, that invites new members with discretion and makes them prove themselves before they are put in a position of trust. Every area has such groups, and by inquiring enough you are certain to find them. 

Marijuana usage supports the mafia

This is precisely why I have zero tolerance for recreational drugs: They are illegal, unhealthy, and come via illegals from evil thugs. 
 desperate peoples made"mules" by drug traffickers
Users, comfortable and content and, many times, highly educated sonsofbitches, comfortably dismiss the human toll it costs to transport marijuana and cocaine to the U.S. These very users can wax eloquently against sexual exploitation, stay-at-home moms, sweat shop labor, but lose all sense of reality at the kidnapping, slavery and forced servitude of desperate peoples made "mules" by the mafia otherwise known as drug traffickers.

These smart people are too busy getting high! Too busy to care that illegal immigrants operate with a gun to their heads; too busy to care that they, marijuana users, support drug trafficking. They'll organize a boycott against any company that doesn't support liberal agendas (think Chick-Fil-A, Home Depot, Russian vodkas) but won't dare boycott their junky habits. And should you speak ill of drug use the cry goes up, Don't be judgmental! Who are YOU to judge me?

The story of desperate and unskilled Latin Americans risking life and limb to sneak into the United States of America for the dream of earning $6/hr is very, very real. And sad. 

Here is a Washington Post article on the preference of being lost in America than living at home in Honduras.


I am afraid we must make the world honest before we can honestly say to our children that honesty is the best policy.
-- Geo. Bernard Shaw
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