WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.


Now you see me, now you don't.
This pixellated balaclava is designed by a German artist and complements our increasingly fish bowl societies and the moronic guppies who thrive on "networking" in it.
Read about it here 

Media contempt for Julian Assange?

If you won't listen to what this man has been trying to announce, then maybe this sobering Guardian article by British journalist Glenn Greenwald can cut through the mustard.

Began work on my next book

It was a wonderfully hot, hot sunny, sunny day in Germany BUT I stuck to the creative work mantra "seat of pants in seat of chair" and stayed hours in the city library working on my next book, a piece of travel writing based on my travel web log Don't Go To Canuckistan

Sure, I was sorely tempted to go relax by the river in Frankfurt Am Main and just chill bare-chested under a tree snacking on soft pretzels; but - no! - discipline, discipline, discipline. Pleased to share that I pretty much completed the first draft! Productivity is a good feeling, ain't it. I'd like to have this complete from soup to nuts long before mid-fall...so I give myself three weeks to accomplish it. As concerns the deadline, the actual writing isn't what worries me at all; rather it's the damn formatting technicalities of self-publication.

The red flags of writing contests

Writers have a love-hate relationship with contests. Some people adore them, eager to submit regularly, and others back away, fearful of potential scams.

Read more by C. Hope Clark @ Writer Beware

The infallibility of women in Christian society

We were sound asleep in our beds when they burst in shouting, laughing, and throwing water -- in the middle of the night. Jumping up and down and singing, they even dragged one of us from our beds. What's the appropriate reaction to this boys-will-be-boys behaviour? Now imagine you can maintain that verdict when I flip your mind:  "we" are boys and "they" are girls.

Not just any girls. Dumb, punch-drunk girls...from England for what it's worth. (Certainly not the type whose parentage ever fretted over "presenting" them to society.) I believe the local word for them is...twats?

With the weekend headlines about Chad Johnson's unlucky weekend (arrest for domestic abuse quickly followed by job termination quickly followed by TV show cancellation quickly followed by divorce papers) and military rape cover-ups to say nothing of the haters' unyielding vitriol for Tiger Woods, Alec Baldwin and Chris Brown I'm reminded again of how the "fairer sex" becomes invisible and untouchable; which, in effect, is nothing short of a license to be stupid and reckless. The bullshit infallibility of women in Christian society - face it, you don't have things like Girls Gone Wild and Lindsay Lohans in Muslim cultures because Muslims, being far less progressive than their Christian counterparts, don't harp about gender equity and free love - is, oh I've already said it: bullshit. And damaging. It spoils girls and like any spoiled child, they can't really fathom beyond their own wants or hurts or find any fault in their wanting, period. And it's never their fault. 
Women never incite violence. It just visits them -- like an unlucky lottery 
If just one guy, drunk or not, had pulled the stunt that gaggle of girls pulled, he not only would have been thrown out of the hostel but probably would've been thrown in jail, to boot. And it's not hard to imagine the possible charges. Assault...battery...sexual assault...intent to do bodily harm...intent to rape...rape...public intoxication...invasion of privacy...disturbance of the peace...public nuisance, etc. But, short of setting a bed afire, a woman isn't held accountable for anything. Women never incite violence. It just visits - or re-visits - them -- like an unlucky lottery draw. Good girls never get pregnant. He gave her the baby. Women never get drunk. The sneaky liquor sneaks up on them. Women never consent to sex (with a stranger). He forced himself on her or, of course, spiked her drink, the snake! And speaking of snakes, wasn't it he who charmed us into all this mess to begin with?  

Thanks to my nighttime pill I was able to roll over and fall back to sleep -- eventually. (I think I dreamt of wicked schoolgirls chanting for more pudding.) First thing the following morning, though, I requested a room change and got my black ass out of there. Oh they batted their eyes and cooed "Sorry...sorry! Just having a laugh!" Bitch(es) please. Sorry doesn't sway the Law (or Public opinion) for a man accused of battery. Be gone.  

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