WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Remembering 9/11 workers...NOT!

It must suck to be an ill 9/11 worker. It's bad enough being sick -- I hate being sick and slowed down -- but to be made into a  long-suffering martyr sucks ass. The bill (James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act) to fund health care and compensation for those crew workers of the now infamous Ground Zero failed passage in the House chambers

This means the once dust covered and praised Everyman "heroes" will not get serious medical treatment unless they can afford it, and since many (most?) can't afford said treatment they'll just have to summon that hero strength, dig their heels in the trenches and cough their way through the court system for any recourse toward compensation. Can I get a whoop-whoop! Let's see how many more 9/11's those folks and their families will pause for in remembrance. Meanwhile the whole former Bush Administration is going on with their lives and careers and enjoying the fruits of their CVs. Ditto Osama Bin Laden.
they'll just have to summon that hero strength and cough their way through the court system for any recourse toward compensation
The ill 9/11 rescue workers dug into the former site of the World Trade Center and were willing to rescue people for unsung praises and unsung glory --- and that's just what they got. That's one helluva trade off. Hey, when you takes your chances, you takes your chances.

Mrs Pingpongchang got beat down dang

Heard the one about the Turk with the lamp shade? Good, then I don't have to repeat it. What about Mrs Chingchongfu? 

Here goes: So a Chinese lady walks into a police precinct and gets the shit beat out of her -- only thing is this Asian momma was going to visit her husband, a police official. But, aside from moral corruption and thuggery, you can't fault the plainclothes swine for mistaking the senior party leader's wife for just another pesky petitioner: they all look alike! Apparently they can't even tell each other apart. 

According to the report, had the brainwashed policemen knew she was the devoted wife of a devoted Communist official they would not have welcomed her with a "strong wave of fists for more than 16 minutes," leaving the missus with a concussion and probably a throbbing wonderment of, Why the fumanchu ¡#@!%? did I ever favor the Communist regime?? 

Of course USA isn't above lawful thuggery. Just ask Martin Lee Anderson. Be sure to hire a Medium, though, because the teenager is dead. The all-white jury found the boot camp counselors not guilty. And had it not been for video tape of the murder the bastard pigs and the boot camp company would never have seen the inside of a court room.  

USA President in over his head

As any follower of this website knows -- and I know there are not many -- my pride in and support for President Obama is there; it is real, it is meaty, it is there. But, still, so is my wonderment at his achieving the highest office in the land, arguably the most powerful and influential seat in the world. And now that seat is meeting the ass of a black man...glory be!

How did this man -- this political nobody, one-term U.S. senator from the Midwest who grew up much of his childhood without a father and, not too much long afterward, without a mother, offspring of interracial love -- with a funny sounding and unquestionably foreign, nay, un-American name (oh shut up, it is) become United States President on his first run?? His very first try with less than ten years in Washington! No, he's not the only candidate to do so but, my, is it awesome and, for me, at least, mind-boggling!

But, yes, I think he's been "tapped" or chosen by the real Invisible Hand, the old world powers-that-be. This amounts to conspiratorial blahddy-blah, I know, but, still, it makes more sense than what "actually" happened...or he has one helluva beginner's luck! Oh I'm proud to say Barack Obama IS my president, the President of the United States; but he's in over his head. 
There is a principle -- which is compatible with the presumption of innocence, and is deeply ingrained in our sense of justice -- that individuals wrongly accused of a crime should suffer neither stigma nor adverse consequences by virtue of an arrest or criminal accusation not resulting in conviction.

NYC Gov David Paterson



"The best way to open doors around the world is to obtain a U.S. passport," P.J. Crowley said.

Clearly this U.S. State Dept spokesman is not referring to black American passport holders. My document is sometimes treated with the respect of a city metro card by border patrol; believe it or not, some countries do not believe black people are from America id est are bona fide American citizens. And what's the response of the American embassy or State Dept? They shrug their bootlicking shoulders and tell me, "Oh well. We can't control other people's borders. They are sovereign countries."

Opens doors around the world, my black ass...yeah when an idiot racist or moron who doesn't like the shape of your nose isn't working the shift.

Serena wins Wimbledon !!

Go head, go head, go head, oh yeah! Serena Wms is 2010 Wimbledon Champion.


I cannot STAND Jermaine Jackson

I cannot STAND Jermaine Jackson. He makes me sick. He is so schmaltzy...so shiny claymation and unbelievable. I don't think that the man is insincere in his interviews but, just look at him! I find it hard to take him seriously. His face looks rubbery, his hair looks rubbery, and that voice. Jesus Christ! Does that grown man actually sound like that?! How is it that Joe and Tito are the only men in the family who don't sound like either of the sisters or a prepubescent boy?  
he is so schmaltzy...so shiny claymation and unbelievable.  I find it hard to take him seriously
Joe and Tito Jackson have the voice boxes of men. Jermaine sounds like a lilting elfin. It was fine on Michael because he was all about the overly sensitive genius who never-had-a-childhood motif; and we were accustomed to Michael's voice which went along with his face: light, small, delicate, non-threatening, juvenile.

I think the family spokesman is putting on airs. He sounds ridiculous, he looks ridiculous and half of what he says makes me wish someone would hand him a shovel.

That's life...and don't I know it!

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