WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Searching for Obama's spine (and balls)

Now Mr Obama is appearing to be just another well versed politician.

Just yesterday he came out against Wesley Clark's supportive observation that Mr McCain's military service (translation: P.O.W. internment) does not necessarily mean Mr McCain is qualified to head the Executive Office. As a Rhodes Scholar, retired general, former supreme commander of NATO and former presidential candidate, Mr Clark has a huge platform from which to speak about military service and presidential qualifications. Mr Obama?
(Obama disowns Clark's critique of McCain's military record)

Several weeks ago the Democratic nominee accepted the resignation of Jim Johnson, a respected and discreet Washington figure, because Mr McCain called him a hypocrite. What a flip-flop! So who's vetting Mr McCain's veep potentials? A discreet lawyer.

No one that hallmark can be either that a) sincere or b) realistic.

Before that, Mr Obama, under pressure from Mr McCain, castigated Jimmy Carter for meeting with Hamas. This from a man who declared during the debates that he, unlike the Monkey, would be willing to talk with any world leader, including our known antagonists in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea. As an engineer, Naval officer, former governor and president, expert negotiator, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mr Carter has a super huge platform from which to speak about Israel and anything else he damn well pleases. Mr Obama?

I'm seeing scant of the maverick in him

Maybe Mr Obama is little more than a stellar politician and fundraiser. For someone who's all about "change" I'm seeing scant of the maverick in him. Different shade but same smell.

He says all the right things to appease all the right people: Jews, blue-collar voters, wine-rack whites, women, homosexuals, the youth, immigrants and, as a given, blacks. No one that hallmark can be either that a) sincere or b) realistic.

The huztpah of John McCain -Pt.4 (POW tune)

Mr McCain was a P.O.W.

If there's one thing on which EVERYONE is clear it is this: the Republican presidential candidate was a prisoner of war. He bangs on that drum as righteously as the Monkey "trumpets "9/11" and "war on terror". Maybe it's just me, but how does being captured in war translate into being able to lead us out of one?

Said retired General Wesley Clark in defense of Mr Obama's lack of captured status:

Here, here!

K-Fed, the good father

The public meltdowns of
Britney Spears have gone as have the jokes against Kevin Federline's paternal love...but the child custody negotiations continue. As recently as this week the divorced pair were in L.A. court with lawyers discussing granting extended visitation rights of their two sons---to Miss Spears! Remember when the burden of proof was on the other foot?


Not so long ago it was Mr Federline taking all the jabs. Since he was not rich before the divorce or yet a successful artist Public Opinion, that dildo wielding whore, ridiculed his sincerity in wanting to raise his children. What, that hack? we said. He's a nobody, we guffawed, Just ex-Mr Spears! Heaven forbid a father fighting to stay in the picture.
Being an A-lister and an A-list parent are two very, very different gems
Well, the man has proved us all wrong and no one is laughing anymore...least of all Miss Spears. Being an A-lister and an A-list parent are two very, very different gems.

Hyphenated Americans

Theodore Roosevelt comprehended the
problem of the hyphenated American. At a period when our nation was swelling with incoming shiploads of Eastern Europeans Mr Roosevelt foresaw the unpatriotic hubris that came from prefixing one's American identity.
BET.com addressed the issue in Black Enough? Visit the web log forum HERE.

Don Imus and color

Don Imus spoke off
color again or, rather, on it or, to put it better, about it. And in so doing the radio host invited the populist cries of "Bad man, bad!"

The exchange is fantastically ambiguous: "What color is he?" When told the man is African-American (which is hardly a color) Mr Imus replied, "There you go. Now we know."

I believe, as Mr Imus explains, the point was one of sarcasm. He was attempting to make the point that the black man, a professional football athlete, was being picked on by police. Now, however, the thin-skinned multiculturalists are taking him to task for introducing color into the dialogue when, in fact, isn't that what liberals are always striving to do: encourage 'dialogue'?

If Mr Imus is in any way reprimanded over this nonsense check another win for fascism.

Where gas costs arm and leg

Here's a clue:
Se Habla Ingles? TIJUANA!

Yes, Tijuana, the poor man's Mexican getaway and hub of violent Mexican drug cartels is receiving more American motorists as car owners visit south of the border for regular fill-ups. The price of gas in Mexico is cheaper because it's subsidized but there are other heftier costs not found in the U.S.A. gas pumps such as:

1. Long ass waiting lines (time). We may have long lines at times but Mexico has long ass lines. How long ass? Try over an hour long! With no self-service filling stations each automobile is waited on by an attendant...and we all know how wonderful Mexican employees are at customer service.

2. Threats (stress). Drug violence, wild west shootings, white slavery...and that's just the morning police blotter. As one San Diego retiree reasoned, "I know they could kill me or kidnap me, but the cost of filling my tank in the United States is just too much." Right. So...he's willing to give his life for cheaper oil. Hell, sign gramps up for the army! Why get snuffed by a Mexican rancher when you can die in honor from a suicide bomber?

3. Violence (health). With the intense heat beaming down on you, exhaust fumes swirling up your nostrils, and homespun civility of ever anxious Californians it's bound to come to fisticuffs. Booyah! Frustrated drivers shout and curse at each other and some even throw blows. Also, foreigners make attractive prey for organized gangs as well as desperate natives. At last count, border towns are the most chaotic and Tijuana leads the country in homicides which stands at more than 1001, and this is just early summer.

I suggest my readers avoid more than the water in Tijuana.

Jew to the rescue

Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg took
time out of running the metropolis concrete jungle to speak out against the fear mongering aimed at Mr Obama amongst Jewish voters. Speaking in Florida, a thorny state when it comes to national elections, Mr Bloomberg, an independent who has yet to endorse any candidate (y'know, we also have the Green Party, Reform Party, Libertarian Party, and the Constitutional Party), defended the Democratic nominee, unbeknownst to Mr Obama himself, against deceptive rumors that he is a Muslim, highlighting 1) the untruth (Mr Obama is a Christian) and 2) the racism that lies in such xenophobia.

"cloaked in concern for Israel, but the real concern is about partisan politics," said Bloomberg, who is Jewish. "This is wedge politics at its worst, and we've got to reject it — loudly, clearly and unequivocally."

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Lucky to be Obama -Pt.8 (Money,money,money)

Mr McCain no likey
that Mr Obama has more money than his campaign. By opting out of the public financing system, the Obama campaign is not limited to the paltry cap of $85 million...paltry when you realize his war chest is already loaded with about $200 million, a gigantic (and enviable) e-mail donor list, big name Democratic endorsements, and a big toothy grin that inspires hope and promises "change we can believe in!"

But, hey, who's the senator with the younger-ish, richy rich wifey?

Mr McCain raised $21 million in May---Mr Obama, twenty-two (his weakest month yet)---and has big name Republican endorsers Gov Schwarzeneggar and the Monkey.

But, hey, who's the senator with the younger-ish, richy rich wifey? Holla.

Kotecki's so craaaeeezy

By opting out of
the public financing system, the Obama campaign is not limited to the paltry cap of $85 million...

No headscarves allowed...for OBVIOUS reasons

Come on people!
If you're for Obama for President why sabotage his campaign by donning head towels or professing on the Bush cover-up of 9-11?!? The man has enough to deal with, what with rumors of being a closet Muslim, an elitist (as if he'd be the first president with culture and pedigree. Does Jefferson, Roosevelt, Wilson, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bush the elder, Clinton ring a bell?), and right-wingers claiming his wife shouted "Whitey" without having to accommodate the selfish wishes of Muslim women who want to be seated behind the podium.

"I felt like I was discriminated against by the very person who was supposed to be bringing this change, who I could really relate to."

Get a clue, ladies.

The huztpah of John McCain -Pt.3 (Mrs McCain)

Mr McCain and his camp will vie for every crumb against Mr Obama save for one: the missus factor. That's because, whereas the Obamas have only been married to one another through thick and thin, Mr McCain traded in his first wife, Carole, for a younger, slimmer, and richer second one. Hello!

So the man could tough it through years as a prisoner of war but bailed out of marriage because his former model wife was not the same hourglass figure after her car accident.

The huztpah of McCain -Pt.2 (on Jim Johnson)

First he calls the
Obama campaign hypocrites for using and defending Jim Johnson to vet potential vice presidents, then he calls them hypocrites for "flip-flopping" and letting Mr Johnson resign amid criticism...which they started. Huztzpah, indeed! Mr McCain can't raise his arms over his head but he can certainly raise sand! Well done.

America can’t afford a president who flip-flops on key questions in the course of 24 hours. That’s not change we can believe in.

Jumper forgoes parachute

Look before you leap...or, barring that, have a camera on hand to record your blind stunt. Such appears as much to have been the logic behind Sloan Carafello's suicide jump from an airplane sans parachute. True to form, the mind boggling act not only affected him (death) but also damaged someone's roof.

Oooh I heard something on the roof! Is it Rudolf, mommy? No, Suzie, dear, it isn't.

Man has more than skeleton in closet

Speaking of unwelcome house guests, an old Japanese woman gives new meaning to coming out of the closet when her appearance shocked the hell out of its home owner. As an unemployed bachelor the man was increasingly vexed at finding his cupboards less full than he left them so he did what any Japanese person would do: He installed a motion sensitive security camera and, surprise, someone's been sleeping in my closet!

The huztpah of McCain -Pt.1 (Jim Johnson)

The hubris of John McCain
in throwing mud at Barack Obama's selection of Jim Johnson to help in the vetting of viable vice presidential candidates stinks more than the mud.

As Mr McCain sees it, with ties to Countrywide Financial's CEO, Mr Johnson, former CEO of Fannie Mae, represents the face of the subprime mortgage crisis. “I think it suggests a bit of a contradiction talking about how his campaign is gonna be not associated with people like that. Clearly he is very much associated with that.”

Just more bait-and-switch from the political fear-mongers collectively known as the GOP

As Mr McCain fails to see it, the home owners security nadir (plus high unemployment, high gas averages, the recession, Iraq War, increased distrust of govt, diminished global admiration) have befallen us on the Monkey's watch...not Mr Obama's.

Mr Johnson is no more culpable for folks losing their homes than the GE repairman is for our semi-reliance on A/C.

Just more bait-and-switch from the political fear-mongers collectively known as the GOP.

Hit me and leave me

With the recent disregard
of the hit-and-run of an old man the nation got a jolt of harsh reality: Not all heartless morons live in NYC.

The shocking display of modern times happened in Hartford, Connecticut in daylight. As Angel Torres, 78, was returning from the grocers he was struck---BAM!---by a vehicle which had better things to do than remain at the scene of the crime. Then the tragedy got equally queer and tragic as the scene slowly gained more dramatis personae in the forms of gawking, immobile bystanders and passers-by. The on-lookers just, well, looked on nary venturing to halt traffic or pull the poor man out of the road. One motorist even slowly circled to get a good look at Mr Torres before going on his merry way. Police verified that four phone calls were placed to 911.

Are people really disgusted at this show of inhumanity by these "good, honest, hard-working" Americans or simply more surprised the (in)action was brought to light by a police surveillance camera instead of Youtube?

So much for the white vote

Mrs Clinton made much subtle ado about her pull with "working-class" white voters, suggesting that generalized her attraction with white Americans by and large. Not so. Among the known segments that dislike the woman and candidate---men, blacks, Republicans, Independents, young voters, conservatives---are also blocs of pale skins:
Other groups with significantly stronger negative feelings about Clinton than Obama include whites under age 30, male college graduates, white men and whites earning at least $100,000 a year.
In light of the numbers, Mr Obama would be well advised to keep her off the presidential ticket if the Democratic party wants its best chances of reclaiming the White House.

Lucky to be Obama -Pt7. (color me good)

"...that one day my four little children will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!"

When Dr King electrified the masses gathered that day in Washington, D.C. with those words the unmistakable understanding was that black colored skin was somehow bad and that one, to use the oft quoted advise, oughtn't to judge a book by its cover. Many times good reading lies between old or raggedy binding. Unthinkable was it forty-five years ago that the (dark)color of the skin might be advantageous...especially in the realm of presidential politics but, alas, Life gives us more surprises than imagination.

Of course this entry refers to Mr Obama. You've come to know that name quite well; so well that you now cease to confuse it with the rich bearded cave dweller who records speeches on cheap camcorders. Mr Obama, the lanky political phenomenon from Middle America who now contends for the White House as the Democratic nominee. By the way, he's black, a Negro, African-American and any other less glamorous name some might care to employ but it doesn't matter. To take a turn on Shakespeare:

the Democratic presidential nominee by any other name is still Barack Obama

As testimony to Progress the large, energetic bloc favoring Mr Obama are Democrats under 30. Demographic polls have shown that that favoritism diminishes as the age group of present voters increases. And, very salient to present voters is the complexion and blood make-up of Mr Obama.

The sound character we want in a leader is there. Yes, he is articulate and inspiring, free of Washington scandals, fresh and refreshing, professional and well educated. As for the color of his skin, yes, he is non-white...without forsaking his blackness. Unlike many black Republicans (Alan Keyes?) the very un-ghetto Demoractic Mr Obama doesn't work to assure potential voters that he is different from other black men, that "he's not like the rest of 'em" as the back-handed compliment goes.

This feature of the candidate has been especially appealing to young voters for whom segregation signs are old photos in history text books, racial discrimination an automatic litigious no-no, and, generally speaking, race is not the issue it once was.

Since many young voters were attracted to Mr Obama's biracial ethnicity race is clearly not issue non grata. Still, it is no longer the detriment it once was and that, Reader, is a dream come true.

(click image to learn about artist)

Even rich sober people have money problems

Even the rich and famous
...and sober have money problems, and if the problem is money then that means they can't buy their way out of it. Cases in point:

Hillary Clinton: U.S. senator, former First Lady, former presidential front-runner.
Drugs: None; but famously craves power
Money woes: $20 million debt accrued by campaign for historic presidential run.
Tidbits: She loaned her campaign over $11 million of her own money.
The big picture: Campaign-finance law requires she clear the debt before the Democratic convention (Aug. 25-28) otherwise she can only expect to welcome back $250,000. This would mean Mrs Clinton graciously contributed some eleven million dollars to her failed campaign.
Prognosis: The politician will likely hit the fundraising button again and solicit donations toward retiring the hefty debt. Also, the Obama campaign has expressed a willingness to help her pay off some of the $20 million.

Ed McMahon: Tonight Show sidekick, Star Search host, spokesman for American Publishers Clearing House.
Drugs: None; but famously holds big ass cardboard million dollar checks
Money woes:$644,000 back payments owed on $4.8 million home loan.
Tidbits: He took out a $300,000 home equity line of credit on the same day as the $4.8 million loan. Received over $7,000,000 settlement in a case of toxic mold that infested his house structure which ailed the couple and killed the dog in 2001. Britney Spears is a neighbor.
The big picture: His multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion is up for foreclosure.

Prognosis: The bank is in talks with the couple to work out a deal wherein the McMahons can stay in their home and won't have to relocate to Skid Row in Downtown L.A. Also the couple might decide nows the time to give up living beyond their hoity-toity means and relocate to, say, Van Nuys where the maid and gardener live or West Hollywood where homosexuals always sparkle or across country next door to one of those lucky winners who should be grateful the famous host showed up at their shack all those years ago.

All in the family

With the Monkey on his way out---1/20/09 can't come soon enough!---and Mr Obama the Democratic nominee I caution you:


Bill Clinton has gone on record as saying his daughter, Chelsea, would make a good president. This would complete the politically ambitious machine that is the Clinton family, providing, of course, baby Clinton runs for the Oval Office.

Meanwhile, across the oil field, we have former Florida governor Jeb Bush taking a sabbatical from public politics. With Mexican and South American immigrants/"seasonal workers"---stop snickering!---repopulating our country akin to the Muslim effect on France when Jebby Jeb Bush throws his hat back into the ring he will have what was dubbed the Ricky Martin advantage via his reasonably good-looking son (Jebby Jeb married himself a latina. Olé).

And who but who is to say one of the First Daughters won't also run to enhance the Bush mystique as well as complete the spectacle of First Families vying for permanent residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Daddy Bush...Baby Bush...Daddy Clinton...Momma Clinton...2d Baby Bush...Baby Clinton....

And you thought polygamists were all about keeping it all in the family!

French openness vs. Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot was successfully sued in French court for crimes of hatred and discrimination because the French icon strongly opposes the animal slaughtering practiced by religious Muslims; a practice now being accepted in her native land as larger numbers of Muslim immigrants bring their customs to foreign soil. Quote madame,"I am tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts."

In the U.S.A. Mexicans represent the immigrant bane, in Italy its the Romanians, for many Germans its the Turks while in Puerto Rico its the Dominicans, and for most of suburbia, non-wasps. Well in France, and increasingly throughout the EU, its the Muslims.

Liberals call it diversity and multiculturalism but speech codes and their spurious ilk are purely fascist. We are witnessing fascism played by the other side. (my book)

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is a schoolyard diddy of a bygone time; A time when toys were made of metal, schoolchildren were not obese, cable television was a luxury, and when the only Americans who bought bottled water fit the mold of Wall Street yuppies.

France---the ever secular and saucy can-you-can-can France---is experiencing the hot poker of its liberalism, namely that just because you invite someone to the party doesn't mean they'll respect you as the host. Oui, oui Missuer Beeeaaatch!

This is what comes of tolerating intolerance. C'est la vie!

Some years back there was the row over Muslim girls' head scarves which were eventually allowed whilst crucifixes worn by Christians are prohibited in the workplace and school. Recently, a fuss has arisen over a French court nullifying the marriage of a Muslim couple because the husband discovered his bride was not the virgin she said she was. Oooh that's gotta hurt! It ain't called a marriage contract for nothing.

As for Madame Bardot, she is adamant about standing up for her cultural values. While long removed from her reign as a cinema sexpot she's not lost any of the fire that has made her a woman worthy of a double take.

Don't let me be misunderstood

Mark Halperin wrote on The Page, presented by Time CNN, a list of credible underestimates (likely to be exasperated) by Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton leading up to the general election in the aftermath of her defeat for the Democratic nomination. I found it worthwhile and present it here for you.

Click HALPERIN'S TAKE to read the brief article and return to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Lucky to be Obama -Pt6. (1st black nominee)

With the party nomination
now officially, undeniably, and incontestably his, the Obama campaign is being queried on not so much who the nominee will select as his running mate as whether he will "invite" Hillary Clinton to join the ticket. Huh?

They tried to bury him but ran out of dirt

Firstly, the Clinton campaign had the audacity to suggest Mr Obama would make a good vice president whilst he was ahead of them. Talk about a mind ¡#@%!

Secondly, probably not since Kerry-Edwards has the party gone with runner-up candidate receiving, well, the runner-up slot...and we all know who turned out to be the winner in that election.

Thirdly, who is Mrs Clinton to demand the vice presidency? There are other politicians just as qualified and vastly more likable than her who happen to not be married to a former president. Hell, I'd vote for Betty Ford before granting Hillary Clinton a second thought.

Fourthly, Mr Obama doesn't owe the Clintons---note the plurality---anything. They tried to bury him but ran out of dirt. Several months ago the field had several candidates vying for the nomination but like all races there emerged one winner and I've yet to hear of winners beholden to those who didn't grasp the brass ring.

Fifthly, do we really care to rekindle thoughts of Miss Ferraro?!

I'd vote for Betty Ford before granting Hillary Clinton a second thought

Jimmy Carter endorses future black president

Click this to watch news clip AP tally.

Barack Obama is Christian and American AND the Democratic nominee!

Times...they are a-changing.
(click above to read more from Digital Journal)

Barack Obama is Christian and American

With all of the
headlines being made by clergymen and Trinity United Church of Christ how any one can still accuse Mr Obama of being a Muslim is pure vitriol. Willed ignorance is vitriol. This goes equally for Jews as well as the blue-collar---loose translation: uneducated red neck---voters for whom this is apparently an issue; the former, cozying up to senility in their posh South Florida codger communities as the latter embrace their Christianity and yet-to-be outsourced jobs while detesting the former.

What the media and social pundits won't highlight is that for many bigots Mr Obama represents a common enemy: a calm, educated black man; an educated black man; a black man. Yet newscasts replay ad infinitum loaded snippets of Rev Wright's sermons which the future black President has long since denounced emphatically. Also, where is the reporting on all this anti-Muslim sentiment??

Willed ignorance is vitriol

If Word on the Street segments relayed candid concerns from real "average" Joes I am certain the concerns and apprehensions would center on something more colorful and base than Mr Obama's foreign policy or health care plan.

Truly no child left behind -Pt.4 (reunited)

After two months' separation by Texas' Child Protection Services, the families of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have begun reuniting. Prompted by a mysterious (and subsequently bogus) 911 call about child abuse the state authorities swept in but ultimately punished the sect at the Yearning for Zion Ranch for its polygamist doctrine rather than any wrong doing.

"Despite the shocking allegations there have yet to be charges or arrests in the case. Police say the investigation is still underway."

Señora Clinton wins Commonwealth

Mrs Clinton's primary win in Puerto Rico symbolizes three things to me: 1) she re-won New York, 2) she is only delaying the inevitable, and 3) nothing.

"I won Puerto Rico!" Big whoop. Now go exile yourself on the rat infested yet muy vibrant island and run for governor. The natives, unlike Americans, don't have the same hang-up over electing a woman with marital problems. In 2001 Puerto Ricans elected their only female governor, Sila Calderón, whose husband left her for another woman while she was still in office. ¡Dios mio!

Bad karma makes for bad ass catastrophy

Tower Inferno, anyone? The disastrous fire at Universal Studios was not enough to halt the MTV Movie Awards but, then again, what is serious enough to crimp the circle-jerk that is self-important people's ego banquets?

Wonder what Sharon Stone made of this calamity in the wake of her own. Surely Hollywood and Los Angeles do not epitomize peace, love, and (un-medicated) happiness on earth.

As for the brouhaha over Miss Stone's karma comment about China, if China with its nil human rights record, thriving communism, gross air pollution, and habitual opening of whump-ass on Tibetan monks, doesn't entice bad karma, then the whole concept of this oceanic give-and-take is bunk. And, sorry Miss Stone, but that goes for your friend the Dali Lama as well.
Seriously, what does the man do anyway??

Yes, there are scientific explanations for the floods and hurricanes and earthquakes but if we truly appreciated science outside of the kitchen and daily weather report then we'd all have active memoriter of the Periodic Table, global warming, conventional medicine, cold water fusion over, say, baseball stats, religious doctrine, celebrity gossip, ancient oriental remedies, chance (state lotteries). But folks don't place their faith in science or facts and can barely help their child with his fourth-grade math homework. Instead the lot of us simply conclude God's will be done or 'what comes around goes around' ad hoc genus.

I find it hypocritical of the Chinese population to burn someone in effigy for suggesting, however dimwittedly, the efficacy of their own irrational belief called karma.
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