WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

3pm: A moment of silence for Memorial Day

The boring excitement of Miss USA Pageant


Miss USA? Didn't know the contest was even on. By now it falls under the Who Cares category. Thanks to Internet porn and the Victoria Secret televised fashion show the Miss USA contest just ain't worthwhile watching anymore. But congratulations to whatshername that won.

Liberal bullshit in Puerto Vallarta

The Puerto Vallarta Scene Forum is an all-around news & gossip electronic bulletin board. Open to almost anything except unless it is contrary to the webmaster and the other liberal narrow minds who live on it. I get it. I do: Canadians and Americans flock to Vallarta to escape people who don't think like them, to work on that permanent tan, to make their savings stretch, to patronize Mexicans (and Mexican hustlers).

It was that last part which so irked the forum webmaster who calls himself Freeeye. When I posted the following critique against the Antropology Bar

Freeeye's knee-jerk reaction was to call me a right-wing nut and accuse me of slander...because, apparently, anyone who doesn't like a part of the Vallarta scene is a neo-con, neo Nazi, Sarah Palin supporter, right-wing nut, bigot; I've been called them all by "open-minded" people who seem to never leave the computer. Losers are as losers do. If you find fault with any aspect of Old Vallarta's affluent hippy and/or homosexual dogmas, then surely you are, to sum the above names, a bad man.
I'm a muckraker other. Other, referring to those "communities" who think their shit don't stink owing to their anti-war commitments
Why would the webmaster (and the others, all foreigners and, I suspect, all white) take exception to my piece on the Antropology Bar? (Click above link show me the racism!) Maybe the bar owner, Jose, is his drinking or butt buddy? Or maybe, like so many other gringos, Freeeye is just another exploitative expat and likes to get his rocks off with the cheap chichifos. Consequently this made me the unwanted whistle-blower (click 'exploitative' link to see how I upset the Vallarta Scene liberal hypocrites) and I've been permanently banned. Ob la dee, ob la da. This is why I've never cottoned to these electronic social boards: they are nearly never discussions and they are always a waste of time.

But I'm not just a whistle-blower. I'm a muckraker other. Other, referring to those "communities" who think their shit don't stink owing to their anti-war, anti-GOP, heterophobic commitments. Wake up! Republicans, Christians and straight people don't own racism and bigotry.

I'm sure Freeeye et al. also took massive exception when, after posting about his marriage to a "professional whore" and a son who was a "pimp-- his words, not mine - I informed him:  1) he was sharing way too much (irrelevant)information and suggested 2) maybe he should marry another "whore." 

No wonder Freeeye's avatar is that of a hobo cat. Booyah!


Bienvenido el presidente


The Obamas are holding a state dinner in honor of Mexican President and Mrs Calderon. President Calderon has wasted little time with circumspection, expressing his--and Mexico's--discontent with, among other things, Arizona's new anti-immigration measures.


The Third World president has yet to address the American Congress but it'll be little surprise what he has to say. In advance I share with you a sobering Time article by fellow alumnus, Tim Padgett:

Mexico's Calderon Needs to Listen, Not Just Lecture U.S.

UN places foxes in the hen house

By electing countries with track records of human rights violations to the Human Rights Council the United Nations has, again, displayed dubious wisdom. Among the new seats are Malaysia and Libya. The U.N. isn't the goodwill ship it purports to be anyway, and it isn't a highly organized or efficient body either as this latest crap shoot shows.

Click here to read the A.P. item. 

Ceci n'est pas un homme


This is not a man. This is a picture of a woman who wishes very badly she were a man and even believes she has become one. Reality: she is a fat, mannish bull dike. Mannish but never a man...uh...mademoiselle.

When in Vancouver root for the Blackhawks

My interest in hockey is on par with wanting a yeast infection. But I find myself in Vancouver the same time as the Chicago Blackhawks are battling against the Canucks for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It was hard finding any watering hole that was not showing the game thus putting a damper on my appetite for an afternoon cocktail. (Plus drinks are a bit costly here. Canadian prices are a trip + tax!) Eventually my thirst for the elixir vitae won out and I left the Same Sun Hostel in search of a less rowdy lot of drinking fans. It was the third quarter, which I would soon learn represents the final quarter in the sport. Score was tied 2:2.

Still what cared I for the game? Hungrily sipping my glass of wine (Gato Negro, Cabernet Sauvignon) and reading The Life of Pi I was content to be the oddball at the bar with a book. I was right: the crowd was a less rowdy one...more semi-posh, as it were. Then a red jersey scored another point and, unthinkingly, my fist pumped the air, Yes! Suddenly poor little Pi on his makeshift raft was old news. Then from a far wall of the rink the puck again soared through space and squarely into the Canuck's net. Chicago 4:Vancouver 2. The less rowdy semi-posh crowd groaned their dissatisfaction at the inevitable. Only seconds remained and the home team would need more than that to taste victory tonight. Go, Chicago, go! I had no idea hockey could be so entertaining.   

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