WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Michael Jackson - 1958-2009


Homosexuality is a nation in Canada

Canada, and maybe it's just another one of those charming Canuck quirks, seems to recognize homosexuality as a State rather than a state of being.

With rainbow banners flapping so promptly alongside province and federal flags you would not be wrong in half expecting the U.N. to soon recognize a delegae from Yoko and John Lennon's Newtopia (see clip below).

Wonder what is keeping those doggone poverty flags on backorder. I know society has a great deal more poor citizens than homosexual ones...and, afterall, poor people are humans too.

Queer Hilton gets his come-uppings

Perez Hilton, that queer gossip horse-fly, was a knocked on his ass by, supposedly, will.i.am. Good. Now if only a similar act of God would manifest itself on that other pink know-it-all big mouth, Merchant Lucas. Lucas, an arrogant Russian Jew, is anti-Muslim and speaks a good game because, afterall, OUR American Constitution permits that luxury.
Merchant Lucas

Project Implicit detects hidden racial biases

According to Harvard University's, the University of Washington's, and the University of Virginia's joint virtual laboratory, Project Implicit, an online test constructed to weed out (hidden) racial prejudices, in sum, blacks were the most likely of all races to show no bias at all.

From a compilation of tests administered from 2000 to 2006, the results revealed that the racial biases generating from black respondents split near evenly for pro-white and pro-black whereas 3/4 of whites were detected with anti-black/pro-white hang-ups. What's more? Little white children as young as six exhibit this implicit "white is right" outlook. Hello!

Check out this stupid white bitch:

Brave new world we've not yet reached

Just finished re-reading one of my favorite books, Brave New World. Aside from the long arm of the pharmacutical industry and the advancement of progressive education, which is disinclined to teach history or fine arts, and the United Nations, no, our future is not akin to the novel's present. We haven't sexophones or a color coded caste system. Instead we've a color coded Homeland Security watch.

O (brave) new world....

Ugly lesbian is the new Cover Girl

Howard Stern must've been too busy broadcasting obsenities via satelite to accept the offer. How else can you rationalize hiring Ellen DeGeneres as the model/face of Cover Girl cosmetics?
is feminine and looks like a beautiful woman as opposed to a wholesome boy
Using Ellen DeGeneres as the covergirl of a leading ladies cosmetics line is the equivalent of employing Mother Teresa as the the face for Planned Parenthood: assbackwards and subversive. Miss DeGeneres is not only a tomboy lesbian, but an ugly one at that. Yet we now see her as the smiling face for female make-up. What the bleep?! It would have made some logical sense to use her vagina buddy, whatshername, to launch the new campaign since the woman, although a lesbian, is feminine and looks like a beautiful woman as opposed to a wholesome boy.

Unless, of course, the campaign is more subversive than beautic: ugly lesbians typifying female beauty; homosexuals, family planning; Wall Street, community activism; loggers, forest preservation; Mexico campaigning for secure borders; the Monkey, compassionate conservatism; Donald Trump advancing volunteerism or Hershey promoting Nestle Quick. Two plus two equal five. Work will make you free.

Okay, I concede. Howard Stern would be slightly less convincing a Cover Girl spokesman than Miss DeGeneres.

Supreme Court rejects homosexual lawsuit to Pentagon policy

The Pentagon enforces the "don't ask, don't tell, don't pursue" policy and the United States Supreme Court is sticking to it. Today, the Court rejected a challenge to the policy and the Obama Administration stands by it.

The real thorn in this policy is the second criterion: "don't tell." That's a too hard thing for today's homosexuals to achieve. They simply must tell someone, preferably the world, and, yet, have the hubris to wag the finger at the Pentagon for enforcing what is commnoly known military code. It is not enough to be permitted to serve (don't ask) nor to be left alone to serve (don't pursue). The needy homosexual forgets his soldier's allegiance to duty and cooperation, and the civilian in him gets the upper hand and simply must tell the world he's a friend of Dorothy. So the military dismisses his ass. Duh!

former soldier now cute,full-time sodomist and protester

We're fighting two disastrous and unpopular wars amidst a recession, that is supposedly turning around, not to mention a persistent little bug known as swine flu and all former Army Capt James Pietrangelo II---what pride he does his namesake---and the eleven other veterans can think about is their damn homosexual agenda. If they couldn't stand the heat why in the name of Reason did they enter the kitchen in the first place?

The needy homosexual forgets his soldier's allegiance to duty and cooperation

Contrary to Navy Vice Admiral Shanahan, the Policy isn't lacking in integrity. Soldiers who enter the armed forces knowing full well of their sexual urges, preferences, sexual orientation---and their grasp of said emotions and behaviours---and renege on their promise only to turn around with flaming audacity to challenge the system are the ones that lack integrity. This is a serious matter. If a soldier with homosexual preferences cannot keep his own proclivities under wraps---because he feels "repressed"!---then how much more secure is he to hold top secret information?

Hell, he or she will spill the beans at the first tickle...or crack of the whip.

Love is in the fur

Love, love, love. It's the basis for every fool's argument. "Let us do this because we love each other," "With love what more do we need?" "You can't legislate love!" Wanna bet?
Add to the list of sick fetishers Furries. Furries are people who "identify" with animals, presumably animals with fur, so as not to confuse their perversion with good old fashion bestiality.

What is the world coming to when a man can't make love to his own dog?

Troy Whitson, twenty-one year old Washington state resident, was ratted out by two of his Furry friends---there's a club for everybody!---has been sentenced to 30 days in the slammer for having sexual intercourse with his two dogs. What the #%*!? The malamutes are now in the care of new owners. The same can be said for Mr Whitson whose preference for doggy-style will now, at least, be much appreciated.

What's the world coming to when a man can't make love to his own dog(s)? How do we know his dogs didn't like it? Ho, this is discrimination! Discrimination! Give the freak credit, he wasn't enjoying nasty, demeaning, degnerate, sexist online porn like every other normal twenty-one year old. His was a case of...puppy-love. Hehehe

No bride, no penis

There's cutting off one's nose to spite one's face and then there is this: An Egyptian man whose family refused his choice for a wife did what any spurned lover would do: he lopped off his pecker. Holy %#&! cow!

Turns the woman of choice was from a lower class and, understandably, the family didn't want to be in-laws with hill-billys---they're sooo common, y'know---so, to spite his stubborn father, the young man heated up a knife and went to work.

Damn, at least John Wayne Bobbitt was able to have his reattached.

My quirky fear of Obama paraphernalia

I can't bring myself to buy any Obama paraphernalia. I cheered on his campaign; felt victorious by and proud because of his win; was jubilant and choked-up during the inauguration ceremonies. And I LOVE Shepard Fairey's iconic Obama propaganda poster. But there is just something eerily un-American about the ubiquity of a President's image.

Worship me, fear me, love me! the icons implore

Giant images of the ruler everywhere seem just so, so...dictatorial and Third Worldish; and perversely religious. Am reminded of Nicolae Ceausescu, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, Che Guevara ad hoc genus. Worship me, fear me, love me! the icons implore. I am your father, your shepherd, your saviour!

And, so, each time am curious to buy a booster button or magnet or cool shirt print or poster I stop and seriously wonder, Damn, what am I buying into? If anything, he, President Obama, is not mandating his image be placed over hearth, blackboard, city square. His likeness is ubiquitous because the consumer market just can't get enough of him. That, and as the leader of the free world he is arguably the most covered man on the planet...and, unlike his predecessor, President Obama is popular and likable. Maybe I'll get over this paraphernalia quirk and eventually purchase a T-shirt or sticker---baby steps, baby steps!---but I'll be a monkey's uncle to buy the Chia Obama.
I've hope in the man but I've seen The Obama Deception and, now, so can you.
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