WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Why It Pays to Taste Words and Hear Colors

Personally I feel black...and like the taste of pink.

Secret weapon: Pornography ?

According to the essay "Pornography as a secret weapon" by Lasha Darkmoon, the overreaching effects, and in some ways, purported concentration, of xxx-movies is to go beyond sexual arousal and stealthily desensitize the gentile morals of Western civilization. 

Can I get a Zion, whoop, whooop?!
While many Americans may claim not to practice religion or order their lives according to it - or swear by atheism/spiritualism - they nevertheless fail to realize, outside of Christmas and school prayers, just how much Christian teachings have influenced American daily life from hospital care and city planning to dating rituals, holidays, or the shunning of male frontal nudity. 
But why pornography? 
Read the article. 



UPDATE: Middle School teacher Mr Barron was allowed to return to the classroom following the two week's suspension/investigation into much ado about nothing. The School Board issued a spin rather than an apology.
Michigan junior high school history teacher Alan Barron has been suspended (with pay or, as school administration insists, "on leave") owing to teaching that Jim Crow segregation was so normal at one time in America that actors used to routinely perform in blackface, a term probably lost on today's youth, and complemented his lesson with a video.

It was during so that Assistant Principal, Melissa Provo who, according to various reports, either happened by or was sitting in during the lecture, ordered the video stopped immediately. As per her logic, by teaching about racism the lesson was, itself, racist. The icing on the cake? Mr Barron is retiring in a couple of weeks -- after more than thirty years of teaching in the local school district. Only he won't be able to attend the going-away party because, pending investigation whilst "on leave", he's barred from school grounds and functions. 

Maybe Mr Barron should've stuck to encouraging "dialogue" on man sex and lesbian licking. At least he would've been flown out to appear on the Ellen show (and Anderson Cooper, Oprah, LOGO, Bravo channel, etc).

For what it's worth, it seems no one in the community but the principal sides with MS Provo's assessment.

Sanction Russia? Sanction Israel!

The BDS Movement (short for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions), in case you haven't heard, calls for the above actions against Israel's incorrigible and destructive policies against Palestine. Pro-Palestinian supporters are encouraged to target companies and products that "profit from the violation of Palestinian rights as well as Israeli sporting, cultural and academic institutions." 

The American Studies Association (ASA) has caught on and so has many European companies who are, finally, regrowing a set of balls. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation divested itself of all stock in the private security company G4S as did the United Methodist Church. Most recently the (American) Presbyterian Churchwhile not full subscribers to BDS, has just voted to rid itself of stock in Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola Solutions for those companies' involvement in ongoing Israeli-only re-settlement projects.

On cue, PM Netanyahu framed the protests "anti-Semitic". Of course. Only that cry ain't very accurate at all, is it Bibi? 

Rbrt MP 03.03.2014 22:39

The term Semitic refers to the Semitic tribes, which jews people are only a part of it. Semitic refers also to Palestinians. So no, it's not anti-semitic.

There you have it! 
Stop supporting this Muslim apartheid. 

the African-American pride flag
supports a free Palestine


The passing of Horace Silver, jazz pianist


Composer & jazz pianist (and saxophonist) Horace Silver was born in Connecticut to Portuguese emigres. More associated with hard bop, a variation of bebop, his music is known for having a distinctive bluesy and, sometimes, gospel essence to it.

Stuck between two countries (US/MX)

Also known as Hell on earth. There's a movie, starring Tom Hanks, where he plays a man who lives in the airport terminal because he has no documented country of citizenship. This is like that only far less cute. If one enters Tijuana via ground transport (or tours downtown) chances are very, very, very high that one will encounter the literal wasteland that is home to the unfortunate lot, both, stuck from making a living in Mexico and entering America.
At any time of the day individuals stand and call up to passers-by begging and pleading for alms to be thrown their way
These people, homeless, forsaken, dirty, rejected, live under the bridges in Tijuana's river. Like trolls. I suppose water once flowed through it (or maybe it still does during specific times of the year) but I've only ever seen a steady stream of waste churn through. In fact, the walls on either sides are decorated with large murals so I guess artists wouldn't do that if they expected the work to be covered by shit water. And that's about as pretty as it gets. The other, living images are a painful eye-sore.

tale of two cities 

Typically the lost souls are illegals deported back to Mexico -- but with no connections to the land whatsoever besides nationality. That means no family, friends, jobs, resources. Some of them have grown up in America without, unfortunately, ever becoming American. Go figure. Criminals, junkies, vagabonds wouldn't be an unwarranted generalization. However some do have skills/trades; they're simply without any wherewithal to apply them. At any time of the day individuals stand and call up to passers-by begging and pleading for alms to be thrown their way.
I guess artists wouldn't do that if they expected the work to be covered by shit water
These rejects - because it's a fact: Mexico doesn't want them either - establish tent cities along the river. At night they start camp fires which stink up the air. 

In Playas de Tijuana, the westernmost section of the city along the coast and one of the preferred areas for expats, some homeless people (and regular beach goers too) start stinky campfires on the beach. A neighbor told me the homeless used to sleep under the boardwalk until authorities ran them out. Now, the homeless break off parts of the boardwalk, and whatever else is flammable, for their heat! At this rate, in a year the boardwalk will be as snaggletooth as Broom-Hilda. 

Google has no gay message for World Cup

Say, Google, where is your politicized homepage now that another world games is being held?

You do remember the, what would you call it, humanist(?) stance your company so proudly advertised during the Winter Olympics held in Russia, right? The Games which the West tried - in vain - to make all about homosexuality and homosexual persons. Rather than celebrate athletics or the host country or Olympians you made a big show of endorsing 'gay rights'. Your motive was clearly aimed at antagonizing Russia (note: it's not only President Putin who, in tune with Russians, disagree with homosexual propagandizing to the nation's youth).
Why isn't the Google homepage flipping the bird to hunger, poverty, strife -- in solidarity with the oppressed Brazilians?
Today the World Cup is upon us -- ushered in by weeks of protest and Brazilian unrest. The disenfranchised citizens are angry about lack of food, jobs, upward mobility, equal opportunities, unsafe neighborhoods/gang violence, police corruption. In short, human rights. One noticeable exception to their laundry list of angst? Gayness!
Brazil stages one of the planet's largest rainbow parades, with one of the world's largest rainbow flags, is known the world over as a sex destination, and everybody's just fine with same-sex marriage. 

And with no bullshit 'gay debate' dividing/pitting Brazilians against Zionist rich countries you have no stance to make on your homepage. I see the letters of Google dancing and playing the drums. Unlike the Brazilians they seem happy. 

Hey Google where are you? 

Why isn't the Google homepage flipping the bird to hunger, poverty, strife -- in solidarity with the oppressed Brazilians? Could it owe to the white notion that all brown peoples are perennially happy and full of dance?    

Eric Cantor can't win

Hit the road, Jack. 
That's the new tune for House Majority leader, Republican Eric Cantor who won't be housing around in D.C. next term.
By the way, he lost to economics professor (and novice politician) Tea-bagger David Brat. Haaaahahahahaha!

Jewry: The art of deception

This documentary by A.C. Hitchcock is five and a half hours long (it took me a week to get through it) but it taught me more about the world than I learned from four years of college. Hello!

After seeing this I'm certain Pat Robertson and neoconservatives are full of shit. 


Criminals in clown suits

No, we're not talking about The Joker - who, by the way, just has a clown face - or career politicians whose suits, while obviously off-the-rack, are bland and tired but not tasteless enough to be called 'clownish'. 

To read what prompted the following comments click on the link below:

Regula 12.02.2014 10:45

It's mostly the government fearing to lose control as the wealth disparity widens and new jobs are primarily low-paying jobs, termed by Obama as creating "ladders of opportunity" - from Mc Donalds to Wendy's? The entire militarization of the US police is really in expectation that the population at some point will revolt - then the government will be prepared with machine guns, armored cars etc. It will be bloody and Obama won't clamor that he will impose sanctions if peaceful demonstrations are hit down - he will hit them down, no matter if peaceful or not - how could they be peaceful when against the government?

Alan 20.01.2014 17:09

The illegal drugs were just an excuse to destroy a young white male. Cops are extremely jealous and hate young white affluent good looking males especially if the have a gorgeous girl in their vehicle. They are full of hate in general from years of being involved with violent sports and its made worse because no woman in her right mind would want to even be around them. The few who are married frequently beat their wives whenever they feel like it. Criminals in clown suits.


The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) was founded in 1909 by white jew socialists to --- 

Wait. What?!

Entitled white girl blames dress code

In other school news, did you hear the one about the student who cried "rape" because she transgressed the school dress code? Quebecois high school junior, Lindsay Stocker claims the institution "humiliated" her and condones male chauvinism because the daisy dukes she wore to school were, of course, too short and, thus, in violation of the dress code.
View image on Twitter

I'm arrested at the UK border for having thongs and speedos in my suitcase and accused of playing the race card for complaining; yet news outlets and Twitter retards cover the oh so traumatizing incident of this hurt little white girl. 

This is just another common case of white girl entitlement. Instead of accepting fault for her actions, Miss Stocker throws a fit and blames heterosexual boys. Naturally this is the same ilk of person who shames heterosexual males for not wanting homosexuals around them in close quarters. Well, well, well!  When will daddy's princesses get over themselves (and, while at it, learn to tan)?? 

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