WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Sign of the times


And we wonder why the young men of today are so callus and violent....


Homosexuals angry they cannot donate blood

Homosexuals are incensed the nation's thirty year long ban on accepting blood donations from homosexual and bisexual men persists. They call it discriminatory. Which it is. And that's a good thing. They call it outdated. Well, thirty years is getting 'up there' in years but "outdated"? They argue it's simply not right and therefore wrong. And that's where they are wrong.

A victory for gay blood donations would be a defeat for everyone else. And, ya know, there is a truism playing out here: some people are willing to 'win' so long as everyone loses. It's a psychology thing. But, since homosexuality is no longer deemed a psychological malady then there must be some other explanation for this high-risk group's determination to donate their blood to the general blood bank.

But there are powerful groups out there which are very, very concerned about population control and time's they are a-changing. Mark my words. 

This is the AP headline (you couldn't make this shit up):

Homosexual reproduced 200 times?!

A homosexual fathering 200 children?
You couldn't make this %$#! up.

Richard Hatch, winner of the first "Survivors" reality show now claims to have been an active sperm donor during his college years - who wasn't? - and, so, may be the father of many, many offspring. I guess the cup was more enticing than having to deal with an attitude and her vagina...it is certainly more cost effective. But just how Hatch arrived at the big 200 calculation is beyond me.

Anywho, two of those sperm babies, now young adults, have tracked him down and even spent Christmas with him -- and his man-wife and their adopted son. Holy toledo! Not even the imaginative Jules Vernes could make this shit up. I'd be more apt to take the Jesus route and claim God was my daddy. Hello!
(read accompanying ABC article here)

Hanging on by a tit

Introducing SuperWoman!
We pansy westerners fret about drinking & driving, and texting & driving, and talking on the cell phone while driving, and not wearing a seat belt while driving, and driving without insurance or license plates. 

Wimps! Pussies! Sissies! Scary cats!  

Feast your eyes on the culture that will dominate the world: the industrious CHINESE. 
Do you see a helmet on this woman? Is the baby bundled in knee-pads up the wazoo? Are there signs of any store-bought precautions whatsoever? No, no, no! Hell, this Chinese mother is not only driving her moped through fast traffic with baby on her lap but is also breastfeeding child AT THE SAME TIME.

Now that's what I call fast food. Hang in there kid.
 (read accompanying ABC article here)

And, hey, with the recent deaths attributed to contaminated baby formula can you blame her? I challenge any feminist to condemn this super woman.

Woman Warned About Riding While Breastfeeding (ABC News)
go, China momma, go!

In my day we played Nintendo or wrestled

I'm not making this up.
The sex education in Switzerland and Germany knows no bounds. Now baby rubbers are made and marketed to, well, baby wee-wees. Not ego-damaging 'small' dicks but the real McCoy: adolescent penises!

The image mock-up is prankish commentary on the real-life tale of the 12 year old who reportedly conceived child with his older girlfriend. You go boy!
Oh you simply must read this story.

The importance of font in communique

To this day, I still write hand-written correspondence. That means letters and post cards via the postal service and, even, long, thoughtful email. In writing that, I realize that "hand-written" and "correspondence" sound unduly antiquated. Pity.

It wouldn't be so bad if the means of electronic mail (e-mail) were so universal and paramount, due to its type set, but, unfortunately, it's become less individual than that owing to text messages (SMS) and Twitter. Then again, those things don't make people morons so I guess, in truth, it boils down to people's  laziness. 

When one has limited space - as inside of a televised commercial break (this is what led to Jesse Jackson inventing his rhymes) or on Twitter (140 characters per message or 'tweet') - or funds (e.g., telegrams) then one must convey himself as clearly as possible as cogently as possible; BUT when one has ample space and only wishes to communicate "What's up?" and yet writes "Wat up" then, yes, that writer broadcasts himself as a grammatically illiterate dumbass.  Of course, anyone who has enough wherewithal to use the Internet is not legally mentally retarded which only leaves the following option: lazy dumbass. 

Here is a nice and recent 'blog post relating to font. Don't worry, it's very short:

Jordan Gunn tortured by family. Is this #%@! for real?!

I simply wept when I read the unbelievable and horrific story of the little brother tortured by his family. I don't watch the News and learning of these sadists was no way to start my morning -- except to be thankful that I have a good morning! 

It reminded me of the biblical tale of King David and his sick, twisted jealous brothers -- only these motherfuckers weren't jealous of the boy; just sick and twisted.

Maybe they are fans of the "Saw" movie franchise or some other diabolical garbage with no redeeming morals? All that passes as 'entertainment' doesn't stay so; doesn't switch off at "The End". What repeatedly goes into our minds and senses comes out in our behaviour and character.
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