WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Some education reform Mexico!

A sign on a Mexican bus stop

How applicable is this propaganda after the bizarre incident involving the 42 43 college students who were ambushed with a surprise 'field trip'?

The billboard reads as follows:
With the participation of your communities you get back EDUCATIONAL/LEARNING SPACES. 
The Education Reform Program is on the move. www.sep.gob.mx

Mexico is full of this double-speak crap. 
The gov't publicizes all sorts of non-stop TV and radio commercials and announcements of purported modern achievements and patriotism. Anything, though, that can be verified by the 'eyeball test' like adequate standards of living, judicial due process and drinkable agua ain't among them.

Slater on skin whitener and call me in the morning


While shopping at a southern California Walmart - or is it still Wal-Mart? - I came across this nifty item -- on the Ethnic shelf, no less. What makes this, both, funny - and slightly off-putting - is that it is from a bygone time. Or, at least, I thought it was a relic (outside of the Caribe where they still swear by this shit). Sure, I can see its practical uses in, say, Ferguson, Missouri; New York City, all of Florida and, yes, Los Angeles...and wherever black men are unaccountably killed by paramilitary "peace officers".  
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