WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Canada gets the last laugh

Not only did the national team avenge themselves to win the gold medal in hockey but they won the whole damn Winter Olympics. Oh those crafty Canucks!! Who knew?

"Raped" woman sent to jail

Five years ago a woman told the Courts she was gang-raped and, naturally, the jurors believed her. Only she lied; has since confessed to lying and, now, Biurny Peguero of New Jersey will be serving up to three years in prison...just like the innocent man, Wm. McCaffrey, she fingered in the courtroom back in 2005.

Serves the bitch right.

Americans foolishly believe that women and children don't lie; it is only males who are able to hurt and do bad things. I was taught The Boy Who Cried Wolf and other Aesops Fables in school but, to look around me, it seems I was taught loads of things that no one else either was or gives a damn about anymore. Miss Peguero swore she was gang-raped when Mr McCaffrey never even had sex with the woman. He may have spurned her but he did not attack, let alone, partake in a gang-rape on her. Yet her 'said', by virtue of her gender, was more credible than his 'said' and poor Mr McCaffrey was judged a rapist and given a twenty year sentence.
Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn
Thanks to Exoneration Initiative, a professional group providing free legal challenge to convictions, (and the liar's confession) DNA tests further exonerate him and corroborates the wound she branded as evidence is not relative to Mr McCaffrey.
her 'said', by virtue of her gender, was more credible than his 'said' and poor Mr McCaffrey was judged a rapist and given a twenty year sentence
I don't shed a scintilla of pity for Miss Peguero. Am reminded of Malcolm X when he illustrated "and now the white man starts to wiggle the knife out, maybe six inches [from the black man's back]! The black man's supposed to be grateful?" It was her responsibility to admit she fabricated a crime and sent an innocent man to prison just as it is all of our responsibility to tell----and seek out----the truth. None of this should have happened in the first place but it does highlight two things: one, a jury of "our peers" means death when the peers are morons and, two, Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.

You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it or who says it.

Malcolm X

Canucks lose hockey game...to American Yanks?!


What, what eh? The American hockey team of  relative unknown athletes beat the Canadian dream team 5-3 for the first time in half a century! In Canada before a pro-Canada crowd (naturally) and being watched by the world community...on the Olympic stage.

Oh but it gets better.

This upset comes one day shy of Canada's most glorious monumental victory over then-powerhouse Russia thirty years ago. Reversal of fortune is a bitch.

So much for all those suckers who placed their bets on the no-brainer Canada. Oh well if these American govt bailouts has taught me one thing it's easy come, easy go. Although the host country isn't out of the running and still has opportunity to win Olympic gold, which I find confusing, but, honestly I don't get most of winter sports, tonight all of Canuckistan will be drinking aplenty to drown out the unbelievably victorious chants of USA! USA! USA!
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Olympic medal tally...a conspiracy?

Writer Chris Chase of Yahoo!.com's "Fourth-Place Medal" sports web blog asserts that the USA is not leading in medals when it comes to counting "REAL" medals. By "real" (his emphasis, not mine) he means events not decided by judges. Hmmm. Is his argument just bunk or wishful thinking? It is thought-provoking and, therefore, I bother to direct you to it (USA! USA! USA!): 

The REAL medal count: U.S. has fewer golds than Germany, Norway


Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed, and in such desperate enterprises? If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.

Henry David Thoreau

God has a macabre sense of humor

The good Lawd has worked his mysterious ways again. Just hours ago in Morocco as faithful Muslims packed into a mosque to send their prayers buzzing to the Great Supernatural, He graciously granted their deepest desires to have a closer walk with thee----by having part of the sanctuary come crashing down on them. Damn. Beats suicide-bombing, right?
God does have a sense of humor, albeit a usually ironic and macabre one

Reminds me of the old congregant who basked in the church's renovations only to have the steeple come down on him. He died. Or the scene in 2012 when the pope and catholic Italians get mowed down by the basilica's dome. They die. At last count about forty-one Muslims have been reported dead from the collapsed minaret in Morocco.

God does have a sense of humor, albeit a usually ironic and macabre one. 

Tiger Woods should not have apologized


Tiger Woods should not have begun this tawdry self-flogging of public apologies. It will get him nowhere in the long run because, in the long run, golf games are not decided on whether he is "loved" by the public. It will matter in the least whether his peanut gallery is the biggest or his endorsements are the largest or whether little
children in ghettos and suburbs alike want to adore him because the game of golf is not won by popularity. Mr Woods' athletic achievements have had everything to do with him and nothing to do with public support. He is not a public broadcasting station made possible by sanctimonious viewers like somebody you may know. But the man has ridden long and comfortably in the white limousine.
The public apology shows he is not yet man enough to "just do it" without needing to be America's sweetheart
And like other non-white stars (Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant) who got all too accustomed to that lush leather interior and perpetual Go pass, when the ride halts and the driver turns round and demands a rider's fee, then it's time to pay up or hit the road and keep on trucking. But Mr Woods does love travelling in that white limousine. The public apology shows he is not yet man enough to "just do it" without needing to be America's sweetheart. PR management, my foot. Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Donald Trump, South Carolina Gov. Sanford, Brad Pitt: has any of these people asked for the public's forgiveness? Hell no! Forgiveness for what?!

Oh Mr Woods. Bitches will forever hold it against him for being unfaithful as if infidelity is the worst thing in the world; white men will hold it against him for having the audacity to cheat on his white, blond wife (and for kicking their asses in golf); and that limousine will not likely ever return to cruise control.
Mr Woods' athletic achievements have had everything to do with him and nothing to do with public support. He is not a public broadcasting station made possible by sanctimonious viewers
Man, he needs to clear his head, get back in the swing of that little white ball, and invite whoever wants to to kiss his mega-rich natural black/Asian ass if they don't like it.
yes sirs, you may gladly kiss these
I like to think I'm broadminded but I draw the line at smut and vulgarity.

--Flann O'Brien
("At Swim-Two-Birds")
Death has a thousand doors to let out life: I shall find one Phillip.

Death has a thousand doors to let out life
but the one hinged on Pandora's box suffices
to bestow plagues, slaughters and thousand
manners of strife
on Man's incorrigible cling to Life; this in spite of
Death's inescapable light.


Amazing speech by war veteran

I believe in war but I no longer believe in this war; I believe in peace and I believe this war will not bring it

The job is never done. So long as we live, we must work on ourselves.

Jack Lalanne

Hypocrisy at the Grammy Awards

Sunday night's Grammy Awards show was held in the Staple Center in downtown Los Angeles which, itself, lies mere blocks from the scary, infamous Skid Row. Inside the Staple Center a moving tribute and fundraiser were put front and center for the sake of Wyclef Jean's native Haiti----while just mere blocks away in skuzzy downtown L.A. trolls daily the inhabitants of Skid Row, ignored, destitute, rejected, and possessing nothing, not even, in some cases, sanity. Not a godblessed song was sung for our own wretched poor and homeless. Cry me a river. Charity starts at home. 

I never claim to be a charitable man. In fact I often say I don't have a heart; but I do despise false humility and compassion from whomever it gushes; and I do know that charity starts at home.

Increase in cosmetic surgeries among UK men

But not just any cosmetic surgery. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have reported an increase in breast operations among men. More and more men have expressed the willingness to go under the knife to rid themselves of dreaded man-boobs. So while the birds flock to have their fun bags enhanced, the dandies desire their own be reduced.
Ugliness and fatness are genetic disorders...and it's only your fault if you don't hate yourself enough to do something about it.
---White Goodman in Dodgeball (Ben Stiller)
Some physicians and social critics point to the "pressure" from the influx of men's magazines as if any magazine outside of fly fishing, duck hunting or motorized vehicles ever sported any other type of image apart from a suave, aesthete, fit gentleman. Titties don't belong on males and no one wants to see them there. No culture craves man-boobs. Men's magazines are not to blame; unless through some perverse inverse of logic men sought to model their torsos after Russ Meyer vixens.

Is he jealous of Lucy's breasts?

If the blokes----oooh look who's gone posh!-----can't see fit to incorporate regular exercise and push-ups into their lives, then they run the consequence of having their chests morph into a pair of breasts. Barring the sensible change in lifestyle one might consider strapping his titties down with a corset or, as the news indicate, slice them down to man size via the surgeon's scalpel.

South African president is a pimp daddy


Who put the 'afro' in aphrodisiac? I don't know, but South African president Jacob Zuma comes to mind. The old man, 67, has been found to have sired a "love child" with a thirty-nine year old daughter of a family friend. Mr Zuma, a proud Zulu, has been married five times and currently has three wives (wife #3 is a plump thirty-six)----plus a fiancee. Pimp daddy! Go head with yo old bad self! Understandably his critics have blasted him a hypocrite and sex addict.
Hugh Hefner, go chew on your pipe...and plastic pin-ups 
While the president's governing skills and moral guard are questionable, his mojo certainly is not. As the father of nineteen children, Mr Zuma knows
how to get his Zulu on. Just four years ago, the politician faced rape charges (he won acquittal) and publicly confessed to having also screwed a family friend's HIV+ daughter sans condom. It is by now common knowledge that sub-Saharan Africa hosts the world's largest AIDS population.
If Africans don't die first of starvation or guerrilla warfare, then the AIDS disease will get them. It is also now common knowledge not to leave one's daughters around Jacob Zuma.

But President Zuma remains disease-free and footloose. Hugh Hefner, go chew on your pipe...and fake ass, air-brushed plastic blond pin-ups. If I live to be nearly seventy years ancient and lambasted a sex addict, then I'll be goddamn if the preacher leave that out of my eulogy. Booyah!  

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