WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Zimbabwe: Can you spare a dime? Nickel? Anything?!

I may only have a backpacker's budget but this blackpacker still has more Benjamins than Zimbabwe. According to the country's Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, Zimbabwe only has itty-bitty $217 in its gov't account; Yes, as in two hundred and seventeen US dollars.

Hahahahahaha! Damn.... 
Excuse me as I laugh again: Hahahahahaha!

However did President Mugabe fuck up things this atrociously! Bet folks are rethinking 'bout those good ol colonial days right about now.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe
Yeah but I still look good

The importance of dismissing volunteers

At Lulu.com, the online publisher, there is a forum for volunteers to share their tips - page formatting, uploading steps, marketing, etc - with other users. But this has gone to the heads of some users. You know how full-time firemen tend to get annoyed by die-hard volunteer firemen?
Those who can't, teach; and those who can't do that, diss & moan 
About a handful of these volunteer 'experts' presume themselves bona fide literary critiques because all they do is live online giving their two cents here and there to aspiring writers; and they do it online because real live people don't trouble themselves with them. It matters a great deal who compliments/criticizes you. And, so, when they started at me with toxic messages about my latest book (A Travelleer Other) I had to wonder who these people thought they were? 

Because I know they are not 

  • bestselling authors or
  • 'make-or-break' publishing houses or
  • sought after editors or
  • renown critics or
  • even filthy rich writers
They are merely virtual somebodies which is a backhanded way of saying they are nobodies or, as I like to use my little Latin, personis non grata. Those who can't, teach; and those who can't do that, diss & moan. One opined I wouldn't succeed because the majority of book buyers are white (and then proceeded to impersonate Ebonics). Another griped about my misleading, boring book cover. Still another questioned my motives for travelling altogether. To these self-important volunteers I replied, "Sorry I gave you the impression your two cents matter to me. They don't." Exeunt Stage Right

Anywho, I don't principally write my travel stories (Don't Go To Canuckistan) for Romney's 47% anyway. Hello! 

My new book !!

Available in ebook next month

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More 'schwule' than San Francisco


Germany: where homophilic propaganda is de riguer. You don't have to know German to get the gist of this billboard...and you don't have to have 20/20 vision to suspect the man in the picture would ever reproduce because it's a biological fact of Reality that men cannot bear children. In celebration of National AIDS Day this man has a baby! 

Welcome to modern times. 

Verily, Alice had an easier time making sense of Wonderland. 

Alex Jones outsmarts Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is shit. Or, in British parlance, a liddle shyte. He by no means fills the shoes of his predecessor Larry King - how he ever got the job is a wonder! - or even comes close to good interviewing in the same league as Oprah Winfrey, Wm F. Buckley, Jr; Barbara Walters, Tom Snyder, or Ted Koppel. Morgan is not a class act interviewer or warming host and we all know his journalist credibility is atrocious. 
Alex Jones loudly gives Morgan a big dose of cura te ipsum
Piers Morgan is a smarmy, clever twat whose English accent, let's face it, still rings high-brow and charming to foreign ears -- until you get beyond the accent and hear how stupid and priggish he really is. But as clever as he is he wasn't clever enough for radio host Alex Jones.

Alex Jones loudly gives Morgan a big dose of cura te ipsum and does not fall for the T.V. host's tricks of manipulative banter and slippery slope factoids. 
Click the following link to see it for yourself:


Worldstar HipHop (VIDEO)

We can do away with vulgar reality television or Maury Povich or that punk twat Jeremy Kyle (and his British counterpart in California, Piers Morgan) but, good ladies and gentlemen, you dying breed, we still have by-standing 'free-lance' provocateurs & pirates always eager to hold up their cell phones and record un-shining examples of humanity. Whether it be some poor soul mobbed, pushed in front of oncoming vehicles, or simply beat up the modern Good Samaritans know the best tool of assistance is to whip out the cell phone video. 
by-standing 'free-lance' provocateurs eager to hold up their cell phones and record un-shining examples of humanity
If Kitty Genovese lived during these times she'd be a viral STAR rather than an academic footnote in Social Psychology 101...albeit an oft quoted one. And who doesn't want to be a star? And that's the point! But not everyone can go to  college to study psychology as this mother recently learned the hard way when New York City encountered the mighty Hurricane Sandy. It's what you may call a Kitty Genovese redux. Alas, Glenda Moore, too, must settle for the margins of crib notes; no selfish bastard giggly video recorded her demise.

But that's neither here nor there. It's STARS we want; Individuals just perfect for the camera; and you can find oodles of them on the Internet at World Star Hip-hop...courtesy of innumerable, anonymous people just like you
Exempli gratia:     

Lisa Steed is bull dyke bitch


Another documented case in point of why I don't trust pigs: Utah Highway Patrolman, Lisa Steed FINALLY got fired - two months ago - for persistent police brutality and is now staring down the barrel of a class action lawsuit for her corruption.
why is it that real life policewomen nearly always look like bull dyke lesbians?
Seems Miss God-complex habitually bullied and arrested innocent people, falsified charges and was not trigger shy about using the Taser gun (another reason why I am not spellbound by the short-sighted anti-gun criers: those with guns brazenly abuse those without guns. It's a fact: the Wild West wasn't nearly as shoot-'em-up as Hollywood Westerns portray!). Her particular specialty was slapping motorists with hefty DUI crimes -- for which the bitch was rewarded with "Trooper of the Year" in 2007. Still believe policemen don't have quotas to fill?
(video clip)
Since Lisa Steed is no rookie on the Force this means her criminal behaviour - and it is criminal - was not only habitual but callous id est I'm above the Law because I am the Law!  What she is is a cow. Seriously, why is it that real life policewomen nearly always look like bull dyke lesbians...and isn't that really, after all, what a masculine bovine amounts to?

 Mooo. Burp!

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