WARNING: No minced words here. İ rake the muck of the 'other', the so-called open-minded side who's preference is to whine and distort reality. If still suckling mom's tit or warped by delusions of polıtıcally correct equality you WİLL be offended by such materıal. Welcome to Reality.

Reducing James Baldwin to his bedroom

I came across a clip of James Baldwin speaking that I hadn't before seen. The particular segment of the clip concerned what white people knee-jerkingly like to (dis)regard as the race card. (You'll notice they never play the race card -as if, for that matter, it is a literal card game or a game in any general sense of the word - only we do.) As it concerned a discussion of "the nigger" I wondered why John Aravosis, founder of Americablog, made a point of mentioning Baldwin's sexuality and dress. So, too, did a few of the article's comments. The majority of the readers, though, were successfully distracted.

Below is the exchange which followed between me and the single-minded Aravosis on Twitter: 
  1. because we're proud of him being gay, and I think he's a worthy role model for a lot of young gays
  2. Only thing is James Baldwin was not 'a gay.' Didn't make his living or mark on the world as being gay. He was about smthg!
  3. I'm not sure I understand your pt. He was as gay as he was black as he was a man. And his gay mark has been made now
  4. Weak. Like celebrating F.Scott Fitzgerald for having . Or drinking lots of gin. Since both were 'equally' true of him.
  1. RT "Yeah if people with wives were gassed to death in the Holocaust you could make the comparison" {They were. Jackass.}

Dear Egypt: Stop the mass execution

From the hoopla of Arab spring - remember that? - to President Mubarack's prison release to this: a court in Egyptland has actually sentenced over 500 people to death! No hyperbole. Exactly 528 people have been sentenced to a mass execution.

This is unreal! And, yet, it is very, very seriously real.

Follow the link below to read more about this tragedy. Alongside the article you will have a chance to sign a petition (to hopefully make a change):

Larry Scott, champion bodybuilder 1938-2014

I just learned Larry Scott passed away over a week ago. Only yesterday I was flipping through my collection of Physique Pictorial and paused to look at a photograph of him posing his bicep. I am a little surprised not to have heard about his death in more real-time. Even though I haven't a television I read the headlines daily and follow some fitness and bodybuilding Twitter accounts. Guess that speaks volumes of the state of the sport. (I bet if any bodybuilder had, say, died from cardiac arrest owing to preparation for a contest before/during/after the event there would have been a media frenzy cautioning (parents) against the dangers of the sport.)
what gains a man if he has everything but loses his soul?
In addition to his regional, Mr America and Mr Universe titles, Mr Scott was the first winner of the Mr Olympia competition, a contest invented and organized by Canadian muscle entrepreneur Joe Weider and brother. He successfully defended the title the following year -- and promptly retired. At 28 years old! Years later he would admit the real motivation behind the unexpected move: fear. In biblical parlance, what gains a man if he has everything but loses his soul? Mr Scott, newly wed, uprooted from L.A. and resettled in Utah where he gained spiritual fulfillment in Mormonism and operated gyms and fitness supplement businesses.  

When I was in the 7th Grade I remember reading an ad in a comic book  and writing to Larry Scott for the advertised booklet on muscle building. He never replied and I never got the booklet, and I wrote him an angry letter in turn. From that point onward I didn't like him so much. (But years later when I got into the sport and modeling his images were among the dozens I would photocopy to study and practice in my room and gym mirrors; yes all those mirrors serve a real purpose, folks.) Mr Scott's health and vigor were impeccable and his legendary biceps were authentically some 20" big...unlike this fool here.     

in 1991 (around age 52)

and how!

Are you a fan of fitness like me? Would love to hear back from readers who met Larry Scott or saw him guest pose.

"Bodybuilder" with 29" biceps

This guy, Arlindo de Souza, is no more a bodybuilder than Chaz Bono is a man...just as a decoy duck ain't a duck. My, my, my what times are these where bona fide fakes are granted legitimacy!
click here to see a REAL bodybuilder

 What do you make of this?

El Chayo is CA-RAZE-AY

He ain't crazy. He's ca-raze-ay! And now El Chayo is dead -- for real this time. Maybe. Leave it to the Mexicans to make even death complicated. No mames, cabron!

The druglord Nazario "El Chayo" Moreno (aka El Mas Loco 'the Craziest One') was a brutal sonofabitch who headed the powerful, ruthless Knights Templar cartel before being killed in 2010. But, just like a cheesy plot in the telenovelas (soap operas full of shouting and ham acting), it turns out the Crazy One wasn't dead at all! Could it have been a serious case of diarrhea or had he - or someone - faked his death. Fact is, his corpse was never found back then. Normally this would remain a cold case BUT in Mexico where over 300 low-skilled females mysteriously turned up dead in Ciudad Juarez, alone, since around 1993 and the pornography of death is routinely broadcast on the news as well as casually enjoyed in publications such as Alarma! it is not, then, so surprising that a suddenly unseen individual would logically been declared dead. 

Now, according to immediate statements from the Mexican gov't, the cartel and the nation's marines had a gunfight last night, March 9th, in Michoacan in which it is believed El Mas Loco became El Muerto (the Dead One) -- pending the coroner's review.

(read more in this Latin Times article)

PS: They make tasty ice cream in Michoacan, though. 

Creative self expression

For me, playing the piano is the most gratifying form of self expression. Where words fail there is music.
-- Philip Wesley, American solo pianist

I can relate to this; only in place of the piano - which I do not play - my instrument is the pen. Where the spoken word (or present company) frustrates me, there is, from the boiler room of my mind to my fingertips, the freakishly uninhibited and exhilarating intent of designing words on paper.
Put another way: 

I really think that if there's any one enemy to human creativity, especially creative writing, it's self-consciousness.

--Andre Dubus III

And you: What is your avenue of creative expression?

Job training program charged with money laundering

And, no, oddly enough, they were not training participants to operate dry cleaners. We Are Our Brother's Keepers, a Chicago-based job-training program proposed to pull up low-income blacks and Latinos living without any real shot out from under the disadvantaged poverty line, received a $1.25 million state grant in 2009. The program's target was to train 40 people with brick-laying and electrician skills. Not the most lofty careers but, then again, with construction being one of the fifth seasons in Chicago it would likely lead to steady work and, of course, earning a living from a day's honest work does a man good.
The final product of our training must be neither a psychologist nor a brick mason, but a man.
--- W.E.B. Du Bois

Unfortunately the IRS believes the only training being done was to the inside of the purse holders', well, purses. In a word, money laundering. And thousands of dollars' worth of it. The prosecutors have begun laying out their case in court. Personally, I always smell something fishy - and I don't like fish - in groups and places with such bona fide reassuring handles. I would never reside on, say, Wonderful Street or Happy Hills; marry a girl called Delight; donate to the coffers of Making The World A Better Place; or trust Homeland Security. If the title has to be that propagandized, then it is to lull you into a false sense of security, to mislead, to pull the old bait and switcheroony.
Got a whopper of a bogus charity? Please share it!

 We Are Our Brother's Keepers Money Launderers 

 (read more of the story on the McHenry County Blog)
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